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San Diego Photographer:

Internationally acclaimed, San Diego Photographer Laurens Antoine serves professionals, corporations and creative agencies with a variety of commercial photography services with an emphasis on headshots, product and event photography.

We are more than art, we are a business focused on other businesses and take great pride in customer satisfaction. Our full service studio delivers on time, every time and as you'll read below, the client experience is the highest of all San Diego photographers and studios.

Some background:

Best known as an international celebrity magazine photographer and FHM Magazine’s Director of Photography, Laurens has over 25 years in the fashion industry. In 2011, with 8 million miles logged traveling, Laurens decided to focus more in his hometown of San Diego.

In 2012, Laurens Antoine Studio was opened downtown to cater to local professional firms, corporations, local businesses, and their creative agencies. When asked in an interview why the studio wasn’t opened in Los Angeles where Laurens already has a strong entertainment industry following, he simply replied: “Money isn’t everything, San Diego is home.”

Historically, our city has been photography challenged and there were only a small handful of high-end photographers. Most the lucrative work for photographers comes from the advertising centers and in Southern California that means Los Angeles and San Francisco. That's where the most the sought-after photographers’ base themselves.

The studio opening means that now San Diego has a local photographer just as qualified as in any other city. A big part of the new studio's focus is professional headshots and advertising work. Now all San Diegans can get the same high quality headshots and portraits as their New York and Los Angeles counterparts.

The client experience:

San Diego photographer Laurens Antoine takes great pride in providing the highest level of customer service. The marketing plan is simple: Mix the highest quality photography with the best customer experience and the rest will take care of itself.

There are many San Diego photographers and we invite you to browse their websites as well as ours before you choose. We hope we can earn your business and become your photographer.

Reviews and testimonials:

Please browse our site where we post hundreds of testimonials from clients. Google us and read our Google Reviews. We are San Diego's most reviewed and highest rated photography studio!

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