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We had the great honor of shooting Dr. Frank Tufaro of DNAtrix for an upcoming documentary premiering February 27th on HBO. Vice, an Emmy winning series officially starts its third season on March 6th but is leading with this all important edition a week early. You won't want to miss this, trust me!

Frank Tufaro
Shot between Harbor Island and Shelter Island, San Diego, California.



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We just shot our friends at Fluxx; you know the seriously fun but not so serious nightclub we love to get so stupid at every chance we get. They were celebrating their fourth in a row "Best Nightclub in San Diego" honors and things got a little silly. Shot midday so there was no alcohol (sucks right?), yet everyone was still acting as if it was 2:00 AM. Thankfully, chief of security Millie kept things in reasonable control most the day and we only got three complaints from the condos next door.

Hover your mouse over each pic!

Laurens Antoine Fluxx Pablo
Pablo, The most interesting man in the world.

Laurens Antoine Fluxx Nightclub TamiTami: Hot as shit but only one way to shutup!

Laurens Antoine Fluxx nightclub JamesJames sucking up to the bouncer in hopes of sneaking friends in.

Laurens Antoine Fluxx nightclub Sarah
Sarah, also hot but thinks about it too much.

Laurens Antoine Fluxx nightclub Jason
Jason: "See how you like it!"

Laurens Antoine Fluxx nightclub Johnny

Johnny: Hard to get to stop shooting.

So there are two morals to this story:

1. If you want to have a lot of fun, go to Fluxx.

2. If you want the world's greatest headshots, go to Laurens Antoine.

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P-11917 tShooting younger teens is often challenging. Sometimes spoiled, often immature, and they almost always take some hand holding.

We recently had the pleasure of shooting 14 year old Paige Martin, the daughter of one of our favorite corporate clients, John Martin. Still in middle school her first time in, she’s rewritten the rules for our expectations at Teen CAT-Shoots. This girl’s going somewhere.

First impression from a distance is that’s she beautiful. When she starts talking you immediately recognize that’s she as smart as gorgeous. It doesn’t stop there though, the longer you work with her, the more impressed you become.

It’s not that younger teens don’t often come off well when you first meet them, in fact after shooting hundreds of them, they mostly do. But youth becomes apparent as the day goes by. Not with Paige, in fact she just kept blowing us away over and over. I can’t count the times I overheard the crew says “Can you believe she’s only 14?).

Natural talent, strong work ethic (actually strong ethics all together), practiced skills and pure smarts make a powerful combination. We shot Paige twice:

First Shoot, June 2014

Primarily focused on Polaroids for agencies, testing her skills and giving her time in front of the camera, we got exactly what was needed: Experience and something for her to submit to agencies. Job well done!

Second Shoot, September 2014 (pictured)

It’s time to see what Paige is really made of. We decided on an edgier shoot more like what you’d see in an American Apparel ad. Raw backgrounds, pushed ring light, very “editorial meets catalog”. We also mixed in some “Window lit New York loft” looks for her.

Paige has already started seeing agencies and to no surprise there’s a lot of interest. There’s also an offer for a summer gig in Asia with LRJ Management. Paige is weighing her options and they aren’t all exclusively modeling. She’s also a talented artist and has every intention of a college degree.

P-11625 t P-11909 t P-11710 t  


San Diego Photographer Laurens Antoine

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makeup room tSo we finally got around to updating the makeup and wardrobe areas last week. It was downright embarrassing before, but not anymore!

We're sporting a full shower, sitting area, racks on the walls with waterfalls and t-stands, and a bamboo floor in the bathroom. Not the Ritz Carlton yet, but we've been told we'd get 4 stars if it were a hotel.


We got some great tips from famed stylist and former decorator Tim Mckenna. How can we afford such expertise? Simple: Tim is married to our makeup artist, Monica Mckenna.

Tori took the lead buying the furniture, trimming and adding final touches. I guess it helped that the bar is in the same room. Ashley was the commentator telling Tori how crappy everything looked, Erica mediated while watching half a season of Pretty Little Liars in the lounge area (White Girls Problems, #BabeWalker). I was told all this since I haven't remembered a thing that's happened in the studio since we got our Patron sponsorship.

Next up - we're going to fix up the loft.

San Diego Photographer Laurens Antoine


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Tori Ashley tWe had the extreme pleasure of having Brooklyn Sherman in for a Commercial CAT-Shoot and headshot recently. Brooklyn just moved from Detroit Michigan to Los Angeles where she works at a local talent agency.

We expect to be seeing a lot of good things from Brooklyn in the near future. She's obviously beautiful, even as she sticks her tongue out at Tori (clientliason/networker/coordinator/assistant/scheduler/hairfluffer/Lighroomoperator/sometimesfloormopperoknever/brat/mybitch), but even more importantly she's got game:

"I loved my shoot!  It was over Labor Day Weekend and I got to experience the shoot as well as all the San Diego festivities at the same time. I had my makeup done by Monica Mckenna who did a fabulous job and helped me throughout the entire shoot. I can't wait to come back to San Diego!"

We'll keep you updated on this super hottie's progress!

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Dawn lead tYou've seen Dawn in Heros, Vampire Diaries and now House of Lies, but have you really seen Dawn?

Dawn came down to San Diego for her planned on location FHM shoot, but the scene was outdoors and it was raining. That doesn't hapen often in San Diego and there was no contingency plan.

Where do you go last minute to shoot when it's raining? Well, car washes are closed so that's exactly what we did.

It was an awesome place to shoot. We turned on the jets, and then the suds, and wound up with some spectacular pictures that will likley always be favorites.

Dawn1 t Dawn2 t Dawn3 t

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bryan garrity tWhen we got the call from Bryan Garrity that he needed his headshot updated we were of course thrilled. We rarely miss one of his broadcasts on ESPN Radio and when we do, we pick it up on his podcast at Big Daddy Radio.

Bryan came in with his renowned partner; Wes Shaw of Shaw Home Loans, and his assistant Drew. It was a really fun shoot lasting about three hours, much of it because we couldn't stop talking about everything under the sun..

Bryan asked me to be a guest on his radio show and of course I was delighted, although I didn't know what I was in for: A full hour of big time plugs and compliments!

I can honestly say that I now count Bryan as one of my (2) friends :)

drew t bryan wes t wes-shaw t
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Brooke Mangum 1 San Diego Photographer Modeling PortfolioYou may remember Brooke from some of her previous accomplishments we’ve crowed about. Now, one of our favorite models from our CAT-Shoots has landed a slew of new roles including hosting her own morning show on FOX in Salt Lake City, and as one of the stars of USA Network’s new reality series, Summer Camp, premiering July 11th where teams compete for a $250,000 grand prize.

Before we continue gushing, here’s some history and how we came to know Brooke......

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alexis farmer tYou may remember the casting we put out called “Paid gig ($15,000) for models with tear sheets”. We couldn’t say what is was for then, but we can now and Alexis Farmer is one of the stars along along with two of our other subscribing members: Aspen Widowson and Jassmine Amos.

Yep, $45,000 was paid out to three of our members, and there’s still $100,000 waiting for the named spokes-model! So what’s the show? And what who will the winner be presenting?

The show is called Model Employee. It’s a reality based docudrama that chooses a winner to become the spokes-model for MGM’s Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. Someone will be plastered all over Las Vegas on billboards, in ads and on posters, you’ll have to watch to find out who.

We enjoyed helping cast this show, but what we really liked were the results:

  • 3 of the 8 models on the show were member subscribers: That’s nearly 40%!
  • 19 members got on camera interviews. More than any agency or other source.
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Laura Jacobs tLong time Laurens Antoine member Laura Jacobs runs a successful agency in Los Angeles that specializes in placing models overseas. We considered several agencies that specialize in placing models abroad, but Laura really stands out because she not only currently has over 20 models working internationally, but until recently, Laura was also a very successful American model in Asia herself.

This article, written by Laura will help give you some great insight as to if modeling overseas is right for you.

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