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No Excuses!!  Why all Photographers Need to Copyright Their Work

larry zernerLarry Zerner is not only one of the most notable entertainment and intellectual property lawyers in Los Angeles, he's also our copyright lawyer.

We're not going to tell you all the success we've had using Larry prosecuting infringers, or exactly what he does for us; that could open a door for arguments that we've waived some of our sacred privilege with him. But we will give him our highest recommendation and post a must read article for photographers regarding their own rights and why it's important to register your work.

If you want hire Larry, you can go to his website at L. A. Entertainment Lawyer

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empty rackA popular subject amongst photographers is how to store and secure all the images you've taken. Until not too long ago, we stored data on a rack server and backed it up in very messy ways. Not anymore.

To the left you can see our network rack with the gaping hole created by pulling out two rows of 20 - 24 drives. What have we done with all the data?

The cost of storage has come down allowing almost anyone to have inexpensive and secure ways to manage data. We're going to explain how we do it, and also offer up a less expensive alternative.



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