Just getting started in acting?  Here are some tips on your first actor headshot.

You need just one staple shot.

An actor’s headshot is very different than what you’d need modeling. You don’t need a portfolio, or even a variety of headshots. You need one staple headshot that shows your look, personality, and essence of your talent.

How do I show different looks and moods then?

You can optionally do an “Expression Sheet”, more on that later. If you have a defined role you see yourself best at as an actor, you just show that headshot. If not, you show something more versatile. You need that one actor headshot that you strongly believe in because only one headshot will be kept by casting directors when you audition. Also, if you submit to castings by email, the general rule is that the casting agency (or assistant) that opens the email will only look at the first pic and decide right then and there if they are moving on or not. You don’t want that one image to be the wrong one.

What if I want to audition for different types of roles?

You can do a couple optional moods, but you still need to bank on that one staple actor headshot. For example we do have actors that will add a sinister look on top of their staple friendlier look. However, you should only use the specialized image when auditioning for those roles. In those cases you would not be sending, or leaving your primary headshot.

Expression Sheets

Expression Sheets are 9 images placed on one print. Think of a contact sheet. Each of the 9 images are widely varied in their look. For example: Silly, serious, confused, sinister, etc. These don’t replace a headshot but are great to take to auditions and offer along with your headshot. They show diversity and range.
Expression Sheets are not industry standard but we’ve been getting rave reviews from talent that has used them.

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