Actor and celebrity headshots are our business. We bring 25 years of experience in shooting theatrical headshots for actors, celebrities and personalities to San Diego.

San Diego Actor Headshot Photographer

Actor and celebrity headshots are our business. Get the best!

We bring 25 years of experience in shooting theatrical headshots for actors and celebrities to San Diego. In fact, we believe we may be the only studio in San Diego qualified to do headshots for actors auditioning for roles in LA or NY. Casting directors know us. Studios know us. And, publicists know us. We are extremely well seasoned in the entertainment industry.

Headshots for actors are very different than corporate or even modeling headshots. Theatrical headshots must capture the essence of your skills and personality and that takes experience. Speak to people in the know and check us out :)

Headshots for Actors & Personalities in San Diego

Coming from Los Angeles or Orange County?

Our headshots are proven winners. Over 3000 actors, models, celebrities and personalities have trusted us with their needs and they're our best advertising. The combination of proven composure, lighting and ability to bring personality insures you make an impression that's hard to overlook. Ask any casting director for their short list of photographers that consistently stand out, we'll bet we're on it.

We offer tiered pricing so that all actors can afford our headshots. Aspring talent pays less than a celebrity, it's our way of giving back.

 Headshots for actors - San Diego photographer 1Actors

There's no question that any way you can stand out from other talent at castings and auditions is important. No matter how well you come off, near everyone blurs together by the end of the day.

Having a headshot that sets you apart after you leave is an advantage no one can afford not to have.

Headshots for actors - San Diego photographer 2Personalities

There are many instances when it's important to leave your personality in a memorable way. Be it PR, editorials, television or newspaper and magazine avatars; our expressive headshots get your message across.

We shoot news anchors, talk show & entertainment magazine hosts, even film & televsion studio executives.

 Headshots for actors - San Diego photographer 3Headshots In studio
Recommended for most actors

Crisp and dynamic, our in studio headshots have a unique and proven look. Shot in landscape format with a white background they not only make you look better, but also cause for a longer and more memorable look by casting directors.


Headshots for actors - San Diego photographer 4

We strongly believe in this look for actors - it's what works post audition.

Plan a half day in our studio. We like to take our time to get your personality into the headshot. We want to understand what you’re auditioning for, and the different strengths you have so we can bring them out.

 Headshots for actors - San Diego photographer 5Environmental Portraits On Location
Recommended for hosts, news anchors & reporters, and media personalities

A picture is worth 1000 words? Maybe, but since people rarely read even a dozen that means your headshot needs to do a lot of talking. Our location portraits are perfect for telling a story - quitely.

actorXN3J0017 tA headshot that defines you without words can be priceless. Our custom location sessions can be shot anywhere and our celebrity experience means getting it right, and getting it fast.

Great location shots are not created with just a camera and flash. Nor are they created in a few minutes. If you want a memorable location shot, investing a little extra time can get you results that tell your story, bring out your personality and sells you and your brand..

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