Actor and celebrity headshots are our business. We bring 25 years of experience in shooting theatrical headshots for actors, celebrities and personalities to San Diego.

San Diego Actor Headshot Photographer

Actor and celebrity headshots are our business. Get the best!

We bring 25 years of experience in shooting theatrical headshots for actors and celebrities to San Diego. In fact, we believe we may be the only studio in San Diego qualified to do headshots for actors auditioning for roles in LA or NY. Casting directors know us. Studios know us. And, publicists know us. We are extremely well seasoned in the entertainment industry.

Headshots for actors are very different than corporate or even modeling headshots. Theatrical headshots must capture the essence of your skills and personality and that takes experience. Speak to people in the know and check us out :)

Headshot Prints

We do not make prints. We upload to Costco, place order and you pay Costco when picking them up. We charge a $50 processing fee after the first order. This saves you lots of money, the prints are much better, and cost you less than using your own printer and ink and is also far less expensive than what studios charge.

Costco uses the same printers (or better) than specialty print shops and for a lot less money. By uploading them to Costco we can have them delivered to your nearest Costco location. We can also upload to your own Costco account so you can re-order whenever you like. You just need to setup a temporary password for us.

If you are not near a Costco we can have them mailed by Costco to you. We do not recommend this as we greatly prefer you approve them in person.

If we upload to your account, please do not pick the files up from the server. We do not permit prints to be printed elsewhere. Our reputation is on the line.

Costco does guarantee their prints. If you do not like the color or exposure, they will work with you to get it to your satisfaction. Technically, you may need to be a member, or go with a member to pick them up. We've only had one incident where this was required.

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