Headshots for real estate professionals are specialized and no one uses their headshots more than realtors. Make your investment work for you and draw new clients.

Headshots in San Diego for Realtors

A realtor's headshot needs to say a lot of things without words being attached. For example: Professional, knowledgeable, trustworthy, hard-working and forthright. Now mix that with: Friendly, approachable, welcoming and easy to spend time with: Your Laurens Antoine headshot will say all these things! 

You don't get this from a headshot taken in 10 minutes. Capturing emotion and trust is an art and goes well beyond equipment, lighting and backgrounds. We've scanned thousands of real estate headshots and can emphatically say: Shoot your headshot with us and you'll stand out from the crowd!

Headshots in San Diego for real estate professionals

No one benefits more from a high quality headshot than a realtor does. We offer both Traditional Headshots for the budget conscious, and our very popular Modern Headshots that set you apart and gives off that immediate first impression of success. Compare Traditional v Modern                

A great headshot doesn't happen quickly. Your eyes, smile, head positioning all need to match to get that "I want to know you look". Our favorite adjectives are: welcoming, trustworthy, friendly and professional. Wrapping that all into the shot takes skill and time. We put a lot of both into Modern Headshots.

Pricing for real estate professionals

San Diego headshot photographer bothOur upscale and "Modern" headshot:

Our unique proven look is clean, fresh and crisp (it's almost exclusively how we shoot actors). Our 20 foot infinity wall with the help of 7 to 10 lights makes it all possible.

You get both the modern landscape formatted image with the negative space that sets it apart, and a traditional crop for when needs arise.

Head-shots in San Diego for realtors 3We haveSan Diego headshot photographer realtor a variety of beautiful lighting variations we use. Having ample space allows for back and rim lighting for that vibrant three dimensional look.


Also with our infinity wall you can add alternate scenes like stand-ups for things like signs or bus stops. And there are other advantages, for example white backgrounds are the easiest for artists and designers to work with. 


Vince square t"Traditional" headshots:

For those on tighter budgets we also offer traditional headshots that are very competitively priced. We have a assortment high end muslins in different colors.

Want to better understand the difference between Traditional or Modern?