Saving you time and money in our San Diego studio

If you think that a photographer setting up shop at your location is efficient, or saves you time or money, you’re wrong. That’s why we built a convenient easy in and out studio to cater to San Diego’s law firms.

SCHEDULING – Your time is important to us too!

Schedule on your own time!

  • In trial? Busy with important clients? Our scheduling process means not interrupting billing time.

Can’t shoot on the scheduled day?

  • Come in a different one.

FLEX Scheduling

  • When a firm books specific days for us to shoot its most important assets, we include an option for breaking the schedule. Go to that meeting, take that vacation. You’ll have an option.

Take a load off administration.

  • Once initially booked, you can coordinate directly with us to find the best time to shoot.


Every photograph is taken to our (and your) high quality standards. You’ll always look your best. But if you only need the image for your firm’s website, you’ll only pay for that. If you later need it for print or advertising, just call us and upgrade the package anytime within five years and we’ll deliver it quickly.


  • You can take ID style pictures in a regular room. You can take mug shots in a small area. But if you care about your image, you want to shoot in a studio where you can be sculpted with light and have privacy.
  • Photographs taken in a conference room are obvious and poor quality no matter who takes them. To light you for the most look you should have at least 1200 square feet and 15’ clear height to the ceiling.
  • If you really want us to come to you, we prefer you book space somewhere in the parking structure than your office.  Photographer’s that recommend otherwise are likely without a proper studio to offer you.