The Laurens Antoine Experience

Why we are the most reviewed, and highest rated

Yes, we are artists but we don’t stop there. Not even close.

We make sure your entire experience exceeds all possible expectations. We are staffed for the ultimate in customer service, turn images very fast, and follow up with every client’s full needs. Once you’ve shot with us, we own you.

We find that nearly half our customers come to us after a bad experience with another photographer. Bad pictures, failed delivery, we even hear of instances of photographers not showing up, or being closed at the appointment time.

Our upbringing is in shooting for deadline sensitive publishers who can engage anyone they want for their photo-shoots. Failure to perform is not an option and neither is an image short of perfect. We bring what made us successful with magazines and major publishers to every shoot and client, regardless of the size of the job.

Google us. Read our reviews. See what other clients say. If you shoot with us, you’ll likely never look for another photographer again.