The most important thing about your actor headshot

We often get asked what makes our actor headshots so productive. Is it the lighting? Composition? Choice of backgrounds?

We’d love to think it’s all about the photography, and of course all those things are necessary ingredients to a proper headshot for actors, but there’s still one thing that’s much more important. It’s all about the actor. The look in his or her eyes. The message being sent to the viewer. What does the person looking at it think?

We shoot almost all actors with a white background so as to not detract from the main message. Could we make the image prettier? Most definitely. Could we make it more editorial? Absolutely. But we can’t send a more powerful message about the actor and that’s what it’s all about.

The purpose of an actor headshot is two-fold: First, we want to show what the actor looks like in his or her best light. Even more importantly is that we want to send a strong message to casting directors and agents about the actor. Any distraction from that message lessens the productivity of the headshot.

Getting the lighting and composition right takes minutes. Yet we spend up to three hours taking an actor’s headshot. First we find the most flattering angles for the face and lighting. Then we get you into character and shoot, shoot, shoot. Then we take breaks, see what we’ve done and then go back at it. Sometimes you get that magical headshot quickly so we can back and try and better it. More often than not it takes a little more work than that.

So now you know why we block 3 hours for an actor headshot!

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