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Popular Blog Articles (Professional and all Models)

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5 ways to get out of an agency contract


Model releases: When you should sign one and what it should include

Facts and Myths (Aspring and Intermediate Models)

Getting rejected as a model   Your model submission may never get seen
Why models need to make important points quickly   Take advantage as a model
How to increase your chance of that modeling job   Rejection causing images to avoid in your modeling portfolio
Consider this before your next modeling portfolio shoot   Model portfolio images need credibility
Don't spend a lot of money on your model portfolio   Getting the right images for your modeling portfolio
Getting into a fashion model agency when under 5'9"   No need for a big modeling portfolio to get into a model agency
Be sure to target the correct modeling agency   Too much exposure can hurt your chances with model agencies
Nudity can ruin a modeling career   Nudity and commercial model agencies
Nudity and fashion model agencies   Will appearing in Playboy help my modeling career?
Hosting explained   Learning to be a host, and college
Hosts can also be victims of too much exposure

Supporting and FAQ Articles (Aspiring Models)

Who gets signed to a top modeling agency?    How do I get seen by a model agency? 
 How do I know if the agency is a scam?    Should I expect to pay for anything at a modeling agency?
 What types of modeling agencies are there?    What is a modeling portfolio (your book)?
 How do I get pictures for my modeling portfolio?    Model Portfolio dos and don’ts
 Where should you put your modeling portfolio?    Model agency: Blue Chip Clients
 Model Agency Schools    Promoting your modeling portfolio
 Modeling portfolio websites    Packaging your modeling portfolio
 When will I need my modeling portfolio    Model portfolios and Model Mayhem
 Nudity and your modeling portfolio