modeling portfolios T-21-XN3J2345 tAgency Tests: $350   ($450 for non members)

For: Recently signed fashion models. Talent looking for representation.

We shoot simple and soft images. They're exactly what modeling agencies want to see when you apply, and what they like to put on the new faces or development boards. 

We also shoot Polaroids and put them on a contact sheet for agency submissions. The contacts sheet and Polaroids is included with every Agency Test.


Modeling Portfolio Agency TestFashion agencies don't want to see glamorous or overtly contrived images from talent seeking representation. They want to see you.

Polaroids alone accomplish some of that but showing a bit more of your talent posing, and a few looks is always helpful.

The images are more natural and we work with you to pose in a way that shows off your fluidity and beauty.

The images from Agency Tests can also work for on some agency new face or development boards. 

modeling portfolio polaroid contact sheet exampleLastly, at all Agency Tests we also take the required 6 Polaroids and press them on a contact sheet with your height, age and the date so that you have a simple single sheet to submit along with the other pictures we take. It can also optionally be printed for your book.

If you don't come in to shoot with us, we post instructions on how to take Polaroids correctly in both our Get Signed section, and the Blog.

 At Agency Tests you get:

  • No set limit of looks - shoot multiple scenes.
  • All 1st cut images quickly delivered on contact sheets for selection purposes.
  • 3 images of your choice retouched to agency standards.
  • Polaroids taken and delivered on a digital contact sheet for submissions.


  • FHM Test Shoot: $75
  • Prints available from Costco (see terms)
  • Additional retouched images available.


Prints are available from Costco for just $1.50 in pairs. We do not mark up the cost of prints, you pay Costco yourself. We charge a $50 fee to prepare the first image for print and $25 for additional images that are put into work at the same time. You can get as many copies as you like for just the Costco printing fee (at time of order). Prints delivery takes an estimated 2 weeks + the 6 weeks for retouching.

All images are delivered digitally: Portrait oriented images are 800 pixels across, landscape are 1024. All aspect ratios are either 9x12 (portrait) or 12x9 (landscape)

Financial: A $200 non-refundable deposit is required to book. Balance s due 7 days before the shoot. All shoots have a $40 data security fee to cover backups, hard drives and shipping to and from retouching.

We reserve the right to decline shooting anyone at our sole discretion.