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CAT-Shoots for Professional Models

Usually, most successful models know exactly what they (or their booker) wants when they first contact us. Often, it's just  before a go-see where they want something targeted at a particular client or job. Or, to broaden their book.

For fashion models, more often than not, it's one of three things:

   • High impact shots to set you apart from the others on your board.

   • Images of a new look.

   • Or, celebrity style editorial portraits that give you that "you own it" look.

At Agency CAT-Shoots we can give you all three at the same shoot.


Model agency DawnCompeting within

Usually the higher end the agency is, the more difficult it is to compete against the other talent on the board. That's where we can really help.

Fashion models often come to us outside of their agencies with a particular goal in mind. They want something that sets them apart from the rest of their counterparts (often within their own agencies).

Few photographers can deliver shots with the same impact as ours and no matter what the job is, jaw dropping images get you noticed, if not the job.




F-14-3O8E1202 250Bridging. Heard of it?

“Bridging” is when a fashion model retunes herself and her book towards commercial. This usually happens during your early to mid-twenties when you start thinking about getting on your agency’s commercial board, or seeking a separate agency more targeted at commercial clients.

You’re not willing to walk away from fashion, but you’re definitely interested in getting some of those lucrative commercial advertising jobs.

These are some of our favorite CAT-Shoots. Consumer advertising is the mainstay of the business and we love helping groom models for it.




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We have different versions of CAT-Shoots tailred for professional models. Please be sure to visit the CAT-Shoot page

Agency CAT-Shoots come with available licenses for comp cards and use on your agency board. We can also bill your agency with an email order from your booker (major agency only please).

Ask your booker about CAT-Shoots!                                 .


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