Agency Models FAQs

What's the difference between an Agency CAT-Shoot and a CAT-shoot?

The main difference is price. You also get a license to use images on comp cards and we include the formatting for one in the price. When getting images for your comp card, we only deliver the higher res images directly to the printer. .

Why does an Agency CAT-Shoot cost more?

We do CAT-Shoots for independent talent at an extremely low price because they just don't make the type of money a professional agency model does. Since you are making money off of us, we feel it's only fair that we have a small profit built in. You know how much we normally make shooting advertising and editorial work and know the price of an Agency CAT-Shoot is more than fair.

Can you bill my agency?

We can bill Click Models, Elite Models, Ford Models, IMG, Next Models and Wilhelmina New York with an email order from your booker. You will still have to pay the deposit though. We will not bill Wilhelmina affiliates.

Can I bring my own MUA or stylist?

Yes, only to Agency CAT-Shoots. A few conditions: They must be with a reputable and known agency. They must sign our contract. And lastly, they must take absolute direction from our regular crew. Please impress upon them the importance of the last condition.

I'm with a small and non-exclusive agency. Can I do a regular CAT-Shoot?

Yes. Agency CAT-Shoots are for major agency talent. Being represented by a small or local agency is more like being independent.

Can I add a FHM Test shoot?

Absolutely! It's very popular with agency talent.

How often are you in New York?

We're in New York a lot, but not for CAT-Shoots. It costs a lot less for you to come out to us than it does to send a crew to New York. Look for the Travel Tips guide on the left side of the Model Portal.

Why is there no Agency CAT-Lite?

CAT-Lites are for local talent that cannot afford a CAT-Shoot. If you only need one or two images from us, provided you have already done one Agency CAT-shoot we will  let you do a regular CAT-Shoot to get them.

I'm a fashion model transitioning to commercial....

We get a lot of fashion models transitioning. Just let us know before you come in so we are setup for you.

I'm an actress and need publicity shots....

We shoot "headshots" all the time. Our version is the same as the images commercial models shoot for their books and they are awesome. They are not permitted for publication without a separate license. The licenses are available at industry standard rates.

Can you help me with Victoria's Secret?

No. Our clients and wardrobe partners are not for submission purposes. You will need to work that through your modeling agency.

What if I get a job on the day of my shoot?

We are strict about this. We understand things come up, but we have to be paid. We have to pay our crew and all the related expenses other than retouching and contact sheets. However, we do occassionally have CAT-Shoots for agency models on weekends.