modeling portfolios F-24-3O8E2557 tFull CAT-Shoot $975   ($1,100 for non members)

Full CAT-Shoots are a more comprehensive shoot and full day affair. You can shoot any style, or even mix different genres depending on your needs:

  • Fashion models can mix commercial looks.
  • You can add high impact or commercial looks to an Agency Test Shoot.
  • Both Polaroids and FHM Test Shoots are available.

Not only can you mix and match images for different genres, but we'll also work with you to help you determine which you are most suited for.


R-57-3O8E8115 tAside from mixing genres and getting more images, there's more that goes on at CAT-Shoots. Once your genre is determined, we can help you with positioning. There's an article about it in our blog.

You can also add all the options, FHM test, Polaroids contact sheet, emotions sheet, and for very little more. The amount you can do is only limited by how fast you change looks, and when you tire.


modeling portfolio fullWhen traveling from out of state:

These are also our recommended shoots for those traveling from out of state so you can make the most productive use of your time with us. While our targeted CAT-Lites were introduced to suit more exact needs for talent, when flying in you should really get the most out of your day, even if it's just a more detailed shoot for one genre. Don't forget to ask about our travel deals for hotels and ground transportation!


 At a full CAT-Shoot you get:

  • No set limit of looks - shoot multiple scenes.
  • All 1st cut images quickly delivered on contact sheets for selection purposes.
  • 6 images of your choice fully retouched.


  • FHM Test Shoot: $75
  • Add an "Emotions" contact sheet: $50 (commercial models)
  • And/or a Polaroid contact sheet: $25 (fashion models)
  • Prints available from Costco (see terms)
  • Additional retouched images available.


Prints are available from Costco for just $1.50 in pairs. We do not mark up the cost of prints, you pay Costco yourself. We charge a $50 fee to prepare the first image for print and $25 for additional images that are put into work at the same time. You can get as many copies as you like for just the Costco printing fee (at time of order). Prints delivery takes an estimated 2 weeks + the 6 weeks for retouching.

All images are delivered digitally: Portrait oriented images are 800 pixels across, landscape are 1024. All aspect ratios are either 9x12 (portrait) or 12x9 (landscape)

Financial: A $200 non-refundable deposit is required to book. Balance s due 7 days before the shoot. All shoots have a $40 data security fee to cover backups, hard drives and shipping to and from retouching.

We reserve the right to decline shooting anyone at our sole discretion.