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Want our images in your book? They’re not just for agency models, over 1000 models have gotten signed, published and started from our shoots.

CAT-Shoots are the nation's preeminent shoots for models and their portfolios. They serve one single purpose: To get you more work, or if unrepresented - signed. You can also add a FHM Test Shoot, Polaroids for agency submissions and more.

CAT-Shoots are customized for your genre of modeling. Not sure which genre you fit into?

Jac-1509 nl 175Agency Tests: $850

For: Recently signed fashion models. Talent looking for representation.

We shoot simple and soft images. They're exactly what modeling agencies want to see when you apply, and what they like to put on the new faces or development boards. 

We also shoot Polaroids and put them on a contact sheet for agency submissions. The contacts heet and Polaroids is included with every Agency Test.

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 modeling portfolios S-25-XJ0T6441 tCAT-Lite Fashion Edition: $850

For: Professional fashion models

CAT-Lite Fashion Edition is for signed fashion models that want to add high impact imagery to stand out on their boards. We push boundaries and shoot cover like shots that jump out even amongst a sea of imagery.

This can be especially useful for talent that is with big agencies where it's easy to get lost on the board.

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 modeling portfolio F-14-3O8E1202 tCAT-Lite Commercial Edition: $850 

For: Commercial talent, fashion models bridging to commercial.

Commercial models need completely different images for their board. You can also mix these shoots with our headshots that are so popular with actors and commercial talent.

We shoot a lot of fashion models that are bridging to commercial work and this is a perfect shoot for doing this.

Read more about CAT-Lites for commercial models

 modeling portfolio shootCAT-Lite Promo Edition: $850

For: promotional and amateur models.

Promotional models are show very similarly as we do fashion models. It's not the same work, but the same method of getting attention.

Be it trade shows, enthusiast magazines, or simply club promotions, our high impact images are perfect when casting for work. 

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 modeling portfolios F-24-3O8E2557 tFull CAT-Shoot: $1,750

Full CAT-Shoots are a more comprehensive shoot and full day affair. You can shoot any style, or even mix different genres depending on your needs:

  • Fashion models can mix commercial looks.
  • You can add high impact or commercial looks to an Agency Test Shoot.
  • Both Polaroids and FHM Test Shoots are available.

Not only can you mix and match images for different genres, but we'll also work with you to help you determine which you are most suited for.

Read more about full CAT-Shoots

 3O8E0787 tTeen CAT-Shoot: $1,750 

Teens are our favorite shoots. The likelihood of getting signed is higher, and there's usually less bad habits to break.

Teens are never shot the same day as other models to allow for a parent to attend and also because the shoots are quite different. Teen CAT-Shoots are very similar to Agency Tests except that we spend more time teaching skills and going over industry pitfalls.

Teens are always shot age-appropriate and FHM tests are not available at Teen CAT-Shoots.

Read more about Teen CAT-Shoots



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