modeling portfolio commercialCAT-Lite Commercial Edition: $350  ($450 for non members)

For: Commercial talent, fashion models bridging to commercial.

Commercial models need completely different images for their board. You can also mix these shoots with our headshots that are so popular with actors and commercial talent.

We shoot a lot of fashion models that are bridging to commercial work and this is a perfect shoot for doing this.


Modleing portfolio commercialBridging

It's one of our favorite words. If unfamiliar, it's used to describe a fashion model that is "bridging" from the fashion to the commercial board. Sometimes it's just to increase overall bookings, and often it's because the fashion work is slowing down due to age.

The images aren't sexy; they're usually happy or show a variety of moods and emotions. Most of them include big broad smiles. What someone would do when engaged with a product or service they're very happy with.

This can take some work for many models. Teeth alone don't make a smile. The mouth has to match the eyes and key facial characteristics.


anna martynenko tYou can also add an "expression sheet". A contact sheet of fun emotions designed to demonstrate your range. The images on these sheets are for the most part un-retouched which gives agencies an extra sense of who they are considering.

These emotions can be mostly smiles, or even better - completely different emotions. You can even get corny with them, it shows life and character.



 At Commercial CAT-Lites you get:

  • No set limit of looks - shoot multiple scenes.
  • All 1st cut images quickly delivered on contact sheets for selection purposes.
  • 3 images of your choice fully retouched.


  • FHM Test Shoot: $75
  • Add an "Emotions" contact sheet: $75
  • And/or a Polaroid contact sheet: $50
  • Prints available from Costco (see terms)
  • Additional retouched images available.


Prints are available from Costco for just $1.50 in pairs. We do not mark up the cost of prints, you pay Costco yourself. We charge a $50 fee to prepare the first image for print and $25 for additional images that are put into work at the same time. You can get as many copies as you like for just the Costco printing fee (at time of order). Prints delivery takes an estimated 2 weeks + the 6 weeks for retouching.

All images are delivered digitally: Portrait oriented images are 800 pixels across, landscape are 1024. All aspect ratios are either 9x12 (portrait) or 12x9 (landscape)

Financial: A $200 non-refundable deposit is required to book. Balance s due 7 days before the shoot. All shoots have a $40 data security fee to cover backups, hard drives and shipping to and from retouching.

We reserve the right to decline shooting anyone at our sole discretion.