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While FHM is best known for its ever popular celebrity pictorials, FHM also has features for next door types, upcoming Starlets and now even some high end fashion models are getting pictorials.

Next door types are generally published online and through FHM's vast global mobile network. There are two ways non-celebrity talent can be considered for a feature:

  •   • Attend and get chosen from a FHM Casting
  •   • Add a FHM Test Shoot to a CAT-Shoot.

Both ways you can get invited to some spectacular shoots and events.


Model photographer Paradise Island3 successful test results

   • You may get published.
   • You may get invited to a second and more comprehensive shoot (for free).
   • You can even get an expense paid invite to an incredible FHM location shoot. 

Being invited back to one of FHM's bigger shoots can be the experience of a lifetime. Check out the videos!


Model photographer Amanda

Test at a CAT-Shoot vs attending a casting

Adding a FHM Test Shoot to a CAT-Shoot in preferred by most models. It can increase the odds since castings have so much competition. Instead of a quick look, a test lets you be seen in FHM style images shot by a FHM photographer. Also:

  • You get pictures for your modeling portfolio at a CAT-Shoot (but not from FHM Test Shoots)
  • If you have to travel to a casting, and again a shoot, you save money by only traveling once.
  • Shooting is definite; you eliminate many uncertainties of a casting.
  • And it's and great, fun experience!



More ways to get published

You can also get published by getting hired on one of the shoots we may be doing for other magazines, websites or in ads we shoot for our clients. Sign up for our castings here, it's free, and you can even make money!


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