Get Published FAQs

Does getting published help me get signed?

Not really. It may get you a spectacular image that gets you some attention and some agencies will like the fact you have it for your book (or modeling portfolio). Getting published is more helpful towards getting you some credibility. Especially if it's FHM.

How will getting published help my career?

This is a difficult question to answer, but it's certainly not the end all. In fact it's probably overrated. It can be very helpful to promotional models as clients that hire them love published talent. Especially those published by FHM. For all other genres of modeling the most important thing to your career is the agency that represents you. If you are not signed, that should be your main goal.

Why is it so important to be published?

Again, it's not the most important thing but a published image in your modeling portfolio gives you extra credibility. Having a book of all tear sheets is the norm for top models and because of FHM's heavy celebrity influence, it's one of the most desired. However, published images in the wrong place can hurt you immensely. We recommend staying away from the many made up publications that are so prolific online, they are the mark of amateur models.

Is there a guarantee that I will be published?

No, that's not possible and you should be extremely cautious if anyone tells you so. Even if you are selected to be published, it doesn't happen until it happens. Editors always have the right to do as they please.

What are my odds of getting published?

We cannot tell you that. Obviously if you are more qualified, the odds go up. There was a time that over 80% of all test shoots got published but now that we let anyone booking a CAT-Shoot add one, that has been going down. Please do not do a FHM Test shoot with any expectations.

If published, where will it publish?

That has been changing. Test shoots used to get published as U.S. Honeys. However, being a FHM Honey, depending on the territory, has now become the title of contests and other features and its sure to change. Features are ever-changing, as are where they are published.

Can I do a test shoot without doing a CAT-Shoot?

Only if selected from a casting. FHM Test Shoots by themselves are not directly bookable.  

I have a great story, will that help me get published?

If you are a celebrity, or an upcoming starlet (meaning you have strong new credits or are booked for an upcoming film or television series) you may qualify for a full pictorial. If that's the case, tell us at your test, or look for the celebrity link at the top of the Get Published page. Please do not confuse walk on or extra type work with being a staring or supporting actress!

My dream is to be on the cover of FHM or Vogue, can you help?

FHM almost always published celebrities on its covers. There have been some special editions (for example Girls of Myspace), and non-celebrities have appeared on the covers of some very small editions, but the short answer is you will not be on a FHM cover unless you become a celebrity. We cannot help you with Vogue or any other magazine.

What does it mean to be invited to a FHM shoot?

We do FHM shoots that are separate from CAT-Shoots, and not just celebrity shoots. Moreover, not all the non-celebrity features we shoot are at CAT-Shoots. Some are expressly setup for Honey type features, and others are done as part of a series of events often called FHM Weekends where you may be put up at a resort for a few days and get shot on location there. Invitations to these come either from a successful FHM Test Shoot, or castings.

What type of shots get published?

Non-celebrity features for FHM are primarily lingerie, or if shot around water in bikinis. Having a great body is important for this type of wardrobe, as is good skin. If you are shy, FHM is not for you. FHM is one of the few brands you can show yourself off with respect. Countless A-list celebrities have done it and an image in lingerie is perfectly acceptable anywhere if it has the FHM logo on it.

I am not doing a CAT-Shoot, how else can I get published?

Unless you are a celebrity, attending and getting selected from a casting is your best option.

If I don't get published, will I get the pics?

Pictures shot at any FHM shoot, including test shoots are not available for personal use unless published. If published you may be able to use the image under a special license granted at FHM's option. You want this picture!

Will you submit me to other magazines?

Because of Laurens' contract with FHM, we cannot submit you to other magazines. When you see our images in other (and non competing) publications, it's because he was hired only as the photographer with no other responsibilities.

Can I submit my pictures to other magazines or websites?

You may use images from CAT-Shoots to cast with anyone you like. However, they may not be published anywhere. We do CAT-Shoots for next to nothing but charge publishers and agencies a lot more to shoot for them. Permitting our images to be published without our consent (which only comes with payment from the publisher) would damage our lucrative editorial and advertising business.