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Get Work FAQs

Are you an agency?

No, we are not an agency. Nor do we contract directly with you for any of the work we send out.

Do you take a commission?

No. We put the work out for the benefit of our clients, and those that subscribe to us. We have no interest in taking part of a models hard earned oney! We benefit by having more clients and subscribers.

I've been submitting and haven't gotten any work!

First, have you read the casting guide to make sure you are doing everything correctly? Did you follow the exact instructions in the casting notice and send it to the correct email address? With those questions out of the way, it's important to say that if you want to be a model you need to get used to being rejected. Top agency talent and fashion models gets the same thing and if you are an independent and do get signed, you will find that you will do more auditioning than shooting. That's just the way it works!

What's in the casting guide?

We've been reviewing castings for years and have to tell you, the majority of emails sent won't get anyone a job no matter who they are, and no matter what images they send from their modeling portfolio. There are common mistakes talent makes that assuredly mean you won't get the job. There are also ways of increasing your chances, or being favored when it's a close call. It's not just for fashion models, we would suggest reading it for yourself :)

If getting signed is so important, why put work out for independents?

Except for in the rarest of cases, the top work goes through agencies. Most the work we put out, frankly, just doesn't pay the same and is rarely over $1000 a day pay.  But there are clients that won't pay for agency talent, and others that like using new talent. The adage is still true: Top work goes to agencies. Professional fashion models and commercial models alike get their work through agencies. Don't let anyone tell you different.

What kind of emails do you send from the mailing list?

We send work our own clients ask us to, and also castings for partners including television networks and other that may not be a direct client. When we send out work on behalf of a partner (versus a client), it's only major blue chip brands that we feel comfortable with. We also put out castings for FHM, invitations to events and other castings. Of course we also send emails to promote our CAT-Shoots and occasional brag about our successes.

How do I submit for work you put out?

There are specific instructions in every casting notice we send. Please read them carefully!

What's the pay for the jobs that come from your list?

It varies with each job. keep in mind, the pay is rarely to the level of work that goes though agencies which can reach into the tens of thousands of dollars!

How old do I have to be for these jobs?

That depends on the job. many clients insist on the model being 18 simply because its more complicated from a contractual standpoint. We never put out adult work but for beer and wine advertising there's a minimum age of 21, and for liquor it's 25. There are jobs for younger talent, as well as older. If there's an age required it will be in the casting notice but many of these jobs welcome teen models as well as fashion and commercial models..

Would I be working for you?

No, never. We do not hire models directly for anything. Nor do we do not take any responsibility for payment or any other aspect of the job. We feel good about anyone we put work out for, but you should also do your own due diligence! We stick to what we do best, and that's helping you with your modeling portfolio and helping you get positioned to start getting your career in order.

If I do a CAT-shoot will I get work?

No, not necessarily. We believe that our images will get you more paid work, but we cannot guarantee that. Also, a CAT-Shoot is not required to submit for any of the work we put out.

If I get published, will I get more work?

Not necessarily and its overrated. Celebrities love it to build a fan base, and for new fashion models a tear sheet is always helpful. Exposure does not help commercial models. Of course promotional models use it as a badge of honor and it can be helpful in getting attention. But it does make a great addition to any modeling portfolio!

If I get signed will I get more work?

If with a proper agency, almost undoubtedly yes. If you do not get work, you'll get cut loose fast. Agencies (again proper agencies) make their income by getting you work and if they cannot do it, you are unneeded dead wood. A warning though: Not all agencies are legitimate and many people try and profit off the dreams of aspiring fashion models!

I know some independent models that work all the time!

Yadee da. We hear this all the time. There are models that shoot for photographer's portfolios and do other forms of work that professional models don't engage in. If you consider working for less money and more hours than you could make as a properly trained server, then "working all the time" may be true. Also keep in mind that many girls greatly inflate their situations and have some creative ways to supplement their incomes. Truly successful models are with agencies. All designers book fashion models through agencies.

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