Amanda Gift

Amanda Gift

FHM cover & Lingerie Guide, 25+ magazines including 5 covers - over 20 television appearances.

FHM has done incredible things for me and my career. I was amazed how much good fortune came to me from all the exposure, I have stayed busy since the very first time I was published!  Now, after multiple appearances (including a cover!) I’m experiencing life in a way I never imagined. I now represent many great companies, and meet countless wonderful people! All the exposure and credibility has helped me launch my acting career – wish me luck! Thanks to Laurens and everyone in the FHM family, you will be with me forever!

AJ Alexander

AJ Alexander

Playboy Playmate, actress

“Knowing his list of clients and fellow models, working with Laurens has been a career highlight. He’s 100% professional and honest, and simply put is one of the best photographers. I had a great time on set and I’m looking forward to my next opportunity to shoot with him again :)”

Athena Barber

Athena Barber

NASCAR and Skoal spokesmodel, Sports Illustrated’s “hottest girl of motor sports”, television host

Working with Laurens has opened so many doors for me. Laurens is absolutely great to work with and has gone out of his way to help me become successful. It goes without mentioning what a phenomenal photographer he is. Only after working with him do you realize what it means that he can capture "the shot" in the most difficult conditions!

Vanessa James

Vanessa James

40 magazine appearances and ads including Victoria’s Secret and Harley Davidson. Rockstar spokes-model.

"After 8 years of modeling if there’s anything I’ve learned it’s that the right pics are what keep me working. I have a book full of tear sheets but every six months I do another CAT shoot wiLaurens so that I have images that work when I’m casting. He’s an amazing photographer and creates indescribable images. But the best part is that they make me money!"

Ashlan Gorse

Ashlan Gorse

E! News celebrity correspondent, E! Entertainment Televsion

“Laurens is flat out amazing.  He made me feel so comfortable and really listened to my ideas.  I couldn’t have asked for a better photographer and the proof is in the absolutely stunning photos he took of me.”

Erika Nicole

Erika Nicole

Television host, model

"I was very lucky to have my first professional shoot with Laurens…it literally changed my life!! My modeling career took off and now I’m hosting on TV!! I have worked with many photographers since that first shoot and Laurens is still by far my favorite! With his endless experience and industry knowledge, I became a better model every time we shot together!! He is always there for me, giving career guidance and solid advice, and I can’t thank him enough for what he has done for me!"

Brittany Binger

Brittany Binger

Playboy Playmate, actress

“I’m a seasoned model and actress and thought I already had what I needed in my book. My agency sent me to Laurens to get new commercial images for a Victoria’s Secret casting and am I ever glad they did! I’ve never been happier with images before and can’t wait to get more!”

Adrianna Costa

Adrianna Costa

Host, (Steven Spielberg’s “On the Lot)”, entertainment correspondent (CNN, Access Hollywood, E! News), actress

“Laurens makes every person he shoots look like a "10"!  When Laurens takes your picture, you know he's good. When you see the picture, you realize he's PHENOMENAL!”

Carlee Ranger

Carlee Ranger

Model, actress

"I was at work when I met Laurens and he offered to shoot me. Normally it would have sounded like a line, but he seemed so above board I went for it and was I ever glad I did! I knew of his work but I never expected what happened next! I got internationally published and then became FHM Magazine's first ever Digital Darling! After that I moved to LA and worked on some films, and continued to work shoot with Laurens and FHM even getting to travel internationally! Thank you Laurens!"

Holly Weber

Holly Weber

Model, actress (25+ magazines and calendars. 30+ films and TV shows)

Laurens was able to use his influence and incredible photos to get me featured in my first major national magazine. That exposure propelled my modeling career to a whole new level and has allowed me to expand into my dream of acting.  He has provided some of the best photos in my portfolio and I consistently receive fan mail asking for me to sign his images. Not only is Laurens a marvelous photographer, he has a wonderful personality, stellar character and has become a great friend.

Holly Huddleston

Holly Huddleston

Model, actress (shot at Sunset Tan during the 2008 Los Angeles earthquake).

I have been modeling for a while and have come across so many photographers. When I was shot with Laurens for FHM the first time I didn't have any expectations, but the first shot he took, I literally shook like there was an earthquake! The whole day went great and the pictures were incredible! The second time was even more amazing and literally took my breath away! I sure hope I'll be able to work with the best photographer in the world again :)

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"Working with Laurens was awesome! I have never worked with such an efficient photographer and their team of people. I feel so lucky to have worked with someone that is an industry leader. He has such a great eye for what models want and need to propel their career!"
Tammie Yip; Cliffside Park, NJ 5/5

"I’m a stand-up comic that’s shot with Laurens Antoine twice and I would book again in a heartbeat. Their staff is professional and very pleasant to work with. Even though I was unsure of what to do, Laurens and his staff made me feel comfortable in front of the camera and I ended up with amazing  images that have helped me with my career. I highly recommend them! It was a great experience."
Cathy Zukimoto; Los Angeles, CA 5/5

"I've worked with a plethora of photographers in the early stages of my career. If you enjoy working in an environment that is focused on your success, then Laurens Antoine is where you need to be. He is professional, fun and dedicated to every project"
Sarah Figueroa, San Diego, CA 5/5

"As soon as I walked into the door, I felt so comfortable and welcomed. I was blown away with the professionalism, execution of the shoot, knowledge of the entire crew, and dedication everyone had to make every shoot amazing. We had so much fun on the shoot, it was almost hard to leave. I am absolutely going to be using Laurens Antoine Photography again!"
Alyssa Doyle;  San Antonio, TX 5/5

"My experience with Laurens Antoine was a very positive one.  It's a very professional, fun environment.  The pace of the shoot depends on ones' experience in front of the camera and if you need assistance with posing, they provide guidance in a patient manner.  I absolutely loved my make-up/hair stylist!  She set the tone for my whole experience! :)"
Brynn Baird;  Lawrence, KS 5/5

"Shooting with Laurens Antoine was such a great and rewarding experience that gave me a lot of insight and some amazing photo's which I've used to book numerous jobs since. The entire staff was very welcoming and friendly and made it a fun atmosphere to shoot in. I would recommend Laurens to anyone looking to make it in the modeling industry or just wanting some great pictures all around!"
Abi Esmena;  Cincinnati, OH 5/5

"I have received many opportunities after shooting with Lauren's such as further magazine work and also filmed a Reality TV pilot which is set to air this year by a CBS affiliate! He opened many doors for me to advance my career due to his good work and his strong name in the Industry! Thanks Laurens"
Tracy Lear;  Louisville KY 5/5

"My time spent with Laurens was everything I had wished for. They exceeded my expectations with flying colors and delivered an extremely enjoyable time and an outstanding product. The job opportunities I have received from them are unbeatable and the level of professionalism is refreshing.
Aubreyana Marie;  Seattle, WA 5/5

"Everything was great and the staff was awesome. Full of energy and lots of fun!!"
Alexis;  New Smyrna Beach, FL 5/5

"Shooting with Laurens was a one in a lifetime experience. Him and his entire staff were so wonderful. They taught me so many little secrets I will use throughout the rest of my modeling career."
JessicaKathrny Perry; Edinburgh, PA 5/5

"Shooting with Laurens is an experience  never to be forgotten!!  He keeps you laughing the whole time and caters the best food on the planet!!!"
Deonna Marie; Davis, CA 5/5

"Shooting with Laurens was an amazing experience. He made me feel so comfortable while shooting and the pictures turned out great!"
Vanessa Robbins;  Portland, OR 5/5

"Shooting with Laurens gave me the opportunity to show casting directors I was serious about my career by working with the best of the industry. I learned an immense amount from Laurens and his staff and hope to return soon. The photos I took are phenomenal and incomparable to anything else in my portfolio!"
Ashley Hebert, Baton Rouge, LA 5/5

"Working with Laurens Antoine was an amazing experience. He made me feel comfortable immediately and his team were very helpful and friendly throughout my shoot. The set designs, props, and hair and make- up were exceptional. I had no doubt the results would turn out as highly as my expectations and they did! I could not have asked for a better photo shoot! Thank you Laurens & Team! :)"
Milanya Maria;  Los Angeles, CA 5/5

"Laurens pics helped me get a better agency, I booked so many jobs thanks to them! The shoot was a lot of fun and I look forward to shooting with him again:-)"
Melissa Cantatore, Los Angeles, CA 5/5

"The experience as a whole was not only fun but I learned so much. I thoroughly enjoyed my time shooting with Laurens."
Kirstee Criswell;  San Diego, CA 5/5

"My Full-CAT shoot was one of the best experiences in modeling that I have had. As a model with quite a bit of experience, I was able to learn from Laurens and the crew. They made the models as comfortable as possible and still managed to have a great time in the process. I can't wait to shoot with them again. : )"
Angela Gayle;  Nashville, TN 5/5

"Shooting with Laurens Antoine was a great experience. I received a lot of direction, and was really pleased with how the photos turned out when they were finished. I also had the opportunity to shoot in designer clothes that were supplied to us from the Summer Elizabeth collection, which really made the photos turn out amazing!"
Emma Zerner;  Los Angeles, CA 5/5

"Laurens and his crew are seasoned, passionate, and energetic people, they make it very easy to warm up to the camera and they're always helping you look your best on set! You will be amazed at how professional your photos will turn out, all due to the hard work and effort they put into each aspect of the shoot!"
Jenny Denver, CO 5/5

"I had such a great time working with everyone, it was professional and fun and I can't wait to shoot with them again."
Crystal Parnell;  Tulsa, OK 5/5

"The whole experience of shooting with Laurens was fabulous!! It was quick, yet efficient and tips given along the way that I am still referring back to. Having the hair and make-up artist on hand was great!! I felt like a movie star having them tend to the stray hairs and shiny forehead. The communication before and after the shoot has been wonderful. I never felt like I was missing out on anything. The trip was totally worth it and I hope to be able to take part in another CAT shoot soon. Thank you EVERYONE!!"
Cortney Martinez;  Hughson, CA 5/5

"Laurens Antoine is truly a magical photographer. His expertise and experience have given me some of my best pics ever!"
Tara;  San Diego, CA 5/5

"Shooting with the Laurens Antoine team is an EXCEPTIONAL opportunity and experience for any model. I'm very proud to have the Laurens Antoine name in my book and it speaks volumes to the clients when they see it there too."
Saffron Rayn;  West Hollywood, CA 5/5

"Laurens Antoine and his team are amazing. I have been modeling for a long time and I have never been so impressed by a photographer and photo team. They make you feel comfortable and beautiful in front of the camera. Laurens and his team pay attention to every detail to ensure that your photos look perfect. Thanks you guys, You rock!!"
Brooke Mangum;  Salt Lake City, UT 5/5

"Shooting with Laurens and his team was a great experience for me. I was immediately welcomed and felt so comfortable the whole time I was there. I will definitely recommend Laurens as a photographer and would love to shoot with him again!"
Jennifer Pitts;  Frisco, TX 5/5

"I love working with Laurens and the whole crew! Everyone is so professional and passionate about their work which makes it so fun, but also such a great learning experience! :)"
Alexandra;  Oak Park, CA 5/5

"Shooting with the Laurens Antoine team was amazing. They work with you in any way possible and are super friendly to shoot with."
Samantha Bedolla; Diamond Bar, CA 5/5

"I did a Cat-Shoot in August and it was a wonderful experience. Laurens spent a lot of time discussing and giving me great advice on my career. I was very impressed with the photo shoot and learned so much from him. I get a lot of work with the photos I took with him!"
Akacia Boven Irvine California 5/5

"I was so nervous this being my first photo shoot but Laurens and his staff made me feel so comfortable and confident! Laurens and his staff are AMAZING!"
Tara Hall; Hutchinson, Kansas 5/5

"I learned more in my first shoot with Laurens than I did in nearly 10 years as an independent model. I wish I had done a CAT with him sooner, because it would have saved me the regret of wasted time, money and dignity trying to make things work with incompetent, so-called photographers. Laurens is the real deal."
Kristy Narkunas;  Portland, OR 5/5

"Laurens Antoine helped me create a diverse portfolio with the highest quality images.  Within days of posting, those images propelled me way ahead of the competition and brought several new opportunities for published work."
Tanah, Whitestown, IN 5/5

 "Working with Laurens Antoine was a dream! Laurens is an absolutely fabulous photographer, who captured the most beautiful photos of me. His staff is amazing, the made the experience stress free and a lot of fun."
Lena- Denver, Colorado 5/5

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