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The most successful models start when they are teens at the age agencies are willing to invest into their careers. Get Polaroids, start your teen modeling portfolio.

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The most successful models start when they are teens at the age agencies are willing to invest into their careers. Get Polaroids, start your teen modeling portfolio and go see top agencies. This section debunks myths and give you straight facts of if qualified and how to go about it.

teen model photographer HayleyWhen to get started

14 - 17 are the prime ages for getting signed. Top agencies invest into talent they feel may make them money once they gain experience, and they sign them early to keep them from winding up with competing agencies.

Some will front funds for housing, travel, food and your book. Others may require you to invest is some of those things yourself.

Once signed you may wind up in New York and from there traveling to cities like Paris, London and Milan - all without compromising your education. To be viable for this type of career you need both the looks, and to be growing at a pace likely to reach 5'9", or taller. 

We love when qualified teens book CAT-shoots with us, but not everyone can. We strongly suggest reading the articles in our blog.

 teen model photographer Olga"Junior models" vs fashion models 

 Junior models isn't really a modeling category or genre. It means you model fashion and accessories for the junior floor in department stores, or junior chains (including online retailers).

There are two types of teen models: Those that are destined for careers, and those that won't reach the requisite height, but may make great junior models until they mature out of the genre.

Becoming a model as a teen gives you a huge advantage as the major agencies greatly prefer signing talent at younger ages. Be sure to read Get Signed.

 teen model photographer AshleyMyths about getting started

You need a big modeling portfolio: All you really need to do is to walk into a proper agency. If they believe in you, they will help you get images you need.

Modeling schools give you an advantage: Modeling schools are one of the oldest and most profitable "scams" in the business. Unless you have what it takes, they cannot help you. If you do have it, agencies will recognize it.

Modeling conventions are where you get signed: While it's true that many top agencies attend these conventions, and why wouldn't they when there are so many models attending? However, you can simply go to an open call, or submit your Polaroids to the same agencies online.

 teen model photographer SidniTeen CAT-Shoots

Age appropriate images & getting signed.

CAT-Shoots for teens are much more than just getting pictures. They're an educational experience. You'll learn: 

  • What genre you fit into.
  • How to position yourself.
  • How to pose and take direction.
  • How college can affect your success as a model.
  • How to stay out of trouble, especially once 18.
  • Most importantly; what steps to take to get signed.

 If you are under 18

We love it when talent starts young. However, if you are not yet 18 yet, we have a few special conditions when you book a CAT-Shoot. First, we like to have your parent's come for at least part of the shoot. If they are unable, we want to have a conversation with them before you book. Also, your parents have to be the ones that fill the paperwork out.   .


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