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XN3J2083 tAtlantis Resort; Paradise Island, Bahamas
The opening of the outdoor casino at The Cove

The strong sun outdoors in the background required powerful lighting of the subjects and gaming in the foreground. The challenge was to light to subjects and gaming area without shadows in the foreground on an Island with no rental facilities.

We accomplished this by using twenty 2400 watt second strobes (all from our inventory) and either softening them with soft boxes, or pointing them directionally on single subjects. Shadows are almost completely removed by bouncing strobes against white linen sheets affixed to the colored outdoor walls of the building behind.

The result was natural feeling lighting balanced congruently between the natural environment and the much darker and shaded casino, and without shadows.

All models, travel, and crew were supplied by Laurens Antoine as part of a turn-key package.

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