3O8E8746 tCaesars Entertainment; Las Vegas, NV
Pool season opening with beautiful girls

Closing a large area of the pool at a resort displaces guests and freezes revenues. Speed in production is required.

You can only tell that the sun is directly overhead by the short shadow coming from the cabana roofline in the background. Scrimming or filtering the sun is impossible for an area so large so the entire area needed to be lit. The challenge here was lighting the models in the background nearly a hundred feet behind the main subject and of course you can’t put high powered lighting in the pool. Directional lighting from 100 feet away would cause hard shadows between the background subjects.

We built booms both sides of the background models and scrimmed them so there would only be the reflection of sunlight in the pool. You may note that the light balanced so perfectly that you cannot see or notice the sun atop any of the models heads.    

Again, all models, travel, and crew were supplied by Laurens Antoine as part of a turn-key package.

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