3O8E4883 tMGM Resorts, Minus 5 Ice Bar
Blending warmth with cold

MGM Resorts' coveted Ice Bar is called Minus 5 because that's the temperature inside. It's an ultra chic place where patrons sip drinks while adorned in fur coats. The challenge is to create an inviting warm image for a freezing cold environment. Moreover, if the ambiance of the natural ice lighting is lost, so is the image. And again, we didn't want to shoot high ISO where the beauty of the ice is dampened by the grain associated with higher ISO images.

The model sports a bikini under her fur coat to give an impression of warmth, comfort and of course desirability. Soft boxes with gel to warm the light to a island sunset glow are held by assistants at angles that offer similar contrast as fashion would be shot. A high speed - low light lens is used to both add a partial bokeh to the ice and allow for a reasonable shutter speed.

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