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We've been blessed with clients a San Diego photographer could ever want, and their not all local. We've done shoots in many of the world's most fabulous locations. From the jungles of Thailand, to the beaches of Bali, and many of the world's most cosmopolitan cities. We can't pick a favorite!

Our clients and partners include many of the most renowned brands, actors, celebrities and models. We thought you may be interested in how we pack and travel to these places.

One of the most notable shoots was on Paradise Island in The Bahamas. At a cost of over $300,000, we packed up 20 models, a crew of 28 and 19 cases of equipment for this five day adventure. Oh, almost forgot, plus one San Diego photographer.

Coordinating this project was all done in house and produced by Laurens Antoine. Travel from San Diego and beyond, subs, temps and of course our incredible photography crew was housed at The Cove, the Caribbean’s most prestigious five star resort.

All the models came from our incredible member base of models that were off on the adventure of a lifetime. The production was also filmed for a series of short videos and access was granted to many amazing behind the scenes view of the resort and surrounding areas that made for excellent content.

Pictures, videos and a micro-site built around the shoot were seen by over 50 million people and published across the globe.

Here’s a link to more details and pics on San Diego photographer Laurens Antoine’s blog!

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