San Diego Photographer laurens Antoine publicity campaigns

Making FHM's Top 100 Sexiest Women of the World and its chart topping Sexiest Women of the World is one of the most notable accomplishments actress of female celebrity can achieve. We managed the publicity for one that we were involved with and it goes down in entertainment history as one of the most successful PR campaigns ever.

It featured Megan Fox and the behind the scenes video of her photo-shoot was seen 393 million times in only the United States just in the first week. We don't have worldwide stats but by now, they have to have exceeded a billion. Only Psy has bested Megan.

Steve Wilson of BWR LA was brought in to spearhead the media blitz and while we expected result from Steve, no one anticipated these types of numbers.

You can read more about this uber-successful campaign on San Diego photographer Laurens Antoine’s blog.

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