San Diego Photographer | Studio equipment

What makes a photography studio state of the art isn’t the building it’s housed in, but the equipment inside. Laurens Antoine Studios has an in house inventory of just about anything required to et the job done, and perfect.

Our inventory includes almost 100 different lights with over 100,000 watt seconds of total power including systems from:

  • Profoto
  • Speedotron
  • Photogenics
  • Dynalite

We also have an inventory of constant illumination lighting.

Shaping and modifying the light comes from

  • Octoboxes ranging from three to seven feet in diamater.
  • Dozens of softboxes ranging from one to eight feet.
  • Egg crates and louvers for most softboxes.
  • Beauty dishes and reflectors from three to thirty inches.
  • Grids, gels and diffusors for most reflectors and beauty dishes.
  • Umbrellas ranging up to sixty inches.
  • And barn doors, scrims and flags to keep the light where it needs to be.

Cameras and lenses are all current Canon and Hasselblad.

When we go on location we have generators and battery packs so we can operate our equipment anywhere.

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