3O8E0655-2 tThe Clevelander; South Beach, Miami, FL
Don’t just look, come in and enjoy

The Clevelander is one of Ocean Drive’s most iconic landmarks:

With floor shows, a big gathering area just across from the beach and throngs of beautiful people there’s always a crowd out front. `Often the crowd is intimidated from going in. A welcoming girl pointing in her underwear was the theme – hey, it’s Miami!

The challenge was multiple color temperatures and by having an animated model, HDR wasn’t the best option. Also challenging was the crowd which grew much larger than normal because of the photo-shoot (and the gorgeous girl in her underwear). The people on the sidewalk were spilling into the street. While permitted and with police controlling the crowd, it was still better for business to let the hundreds of people watch and then come in.

We created a simple platform in the water to not force the model on to the sidewalk in her underwear. The water also created a natural barrier to keep her safe from the crowd’s hands. We used gels and a few carefully placed lights inside to balance the color temperature so that all the colors were set to the venue’s specs. Both the placement of the camera and the model were exacting to capture the desired perspective and that was accomplished by a carefully placed small car we shot from inside of to become an organic people displacer so that no one had to be subjected to police direction.

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