Universities with notable photography degrees

There are a number of great universities that have strong photography programs. We recommended them in a geographically diverse way for you:

Miami University

Enjoy Miami while enrolled in a great journalism program. You may never leave!

Boston University

A very different lifestyle than Miami but if you like it cold, check out Boston University.

Yale University

If you can get into Yale/s School of Fine Arts you'll not just get a great photography education, but also a diploma from Yale!

School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Famous for more than photography, Chicago's Art Institute has long been one of the nation's leading schools of art.

California Institute of the Arts

Known as a progressive school with unique ways to teach. They have both bachelors and masters programs.

Arizona State University Herberger Institute

ASU has a party reputation but their arts school is anything but a party. Learn in Tempe, and party in Scottsdale.

Brooks Institute

One of the few, and probably the best known college that is almost exclusively for learning photography. The disadvantage is that if you decide to later go into a different field, your degree won't as helpful compared to a school like Yale.

There are many other fine universities with strong arts programs you can choose from. Learn more at the Wikipedia photographer page.

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