San Diego Photographer | Our lighting

There is no single type of photography lighting that can work across the board. We have an extensive inventory. The one thing we never use is on camera, or automatic flash.

We recently inventoried all the lights for insurance and were surprised by how many we actually have. Our mainstays are Speedotron and Profoto which combined we have over 25 heads and 10 power packs alone. These are our main studio lights. Mixing in are about 20 Photogenic “mono-lights” (lights with power built in, Dynalite power and heads for special light weight use and a number of constant power lights.

Some of our lighting is reserved for location photography, others are special use. For example we have strobe that power down to only 4 watt seconds for low light conditions, and we have them up to 4800 watt seconds that can light up an outdoor scene in the brightest sunlight. We also on occasion use ring-lights which are shadow-less and have their own special look and feel to them.

We also have just about every conceivable light modifier including large (7 foot) parabolic umbrellas and octoboxes all the way down to focuses snoots to highlight small distinct areas. We have dozens of softboxes ranging from barely over a foot, to larger than a human body. Photography is about light and controlling that light is one of the factors that separate photographers.

More importantly, we know how to use every single thing in our arsenal!

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