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Teen models are broken into two categories: Young teen models 14-17 years old, and those 18 and 19 who can legally sign contracts and work on their own. There are other distinct differences. For example, teen models under the age of 18 are not supposed to pose provocatively regardless of if they are nude or not. The U.S. government, with good cause passes laws to protect younger teen models from doing things that are age-inappropriate. Without such laws unscrupulous people would be pushing teen models to do things they may later regret.

  • If you're a teen model that has turned 18, you should seriously consider if you are going to cross those lines or not. Many industry "insiders" try and push teens hard to engage in shoots they should never take part in. This is not for the benefit of the model though.
  • Teen modeling can be a great adventure with glamorous shoots in exotic places. Teen models signed to the better agencies can expectto walk runways in cities like London, Paris and Milan, not to mention all the upcoming markets with their own fashion weeks now.
  • Teen models should consult with their parents' about their modeling careers even after becoming of legal age to make their own decisions as there are many potential pitfalls ahead.

How do you start as a teen model? We recommend reading about our shoots in the teen modeling portfolio section first.

Teen Models Learning

Teen models often want to emulate their older peers when it comes to thei rportfolios. However, what works for an adult model, may not be appropriate for a teen model. Wardrobe selection, poses, even backgrounds must often be different.

Teens often ask us, "don't I need to have sexy pictures in my portfolio to get signed?". The answer is no. Teen models don't need more than simple Polaroids to get signed.

Another common question we get from teen models is "how do I get a portfolio together" You may not need as much as you think! Once you get signed by a modeling agency, they will help you get most of what you need.

How do you know if you found the right teen model agency? There really isn't such a thing. There are agencies with specialized "junior", "development" or "new faces" boards, but the agencies you want to sign with are the big brand names fashion agencies.

Teen Modeling articles

Learn about teen modeling in the big city at: New York and teen models New York New York is the modeling capital of the nation, and arguably the world but it can be challenging for a new teen mdoel to naviagte.

Many teen models don't want, or cannot leave home yet. So what do you do? Teen modeling goes on in many other cites as well, just not professionally: Being a teen model in your home town

What does college have to do with teen modeling? Lots!  Read: College and teen models

Teen models need to look out for: Challenges for teen models

Don't fall for one of these old scams: Modeling schools and teen models

So you're 16, a teen model, and know just about everything right? Wrong!  Parents' of teen models

Many teen models won't reach the height required to be a fashion model. Is all hope lost? Not even close: Teens hosting and acting

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If you're a teen looking to break into modeling visit out Teen Model Careers page for more about getting started modeling.

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Teen Models Articles

Teen Models | Getting signed to an agency

For teen models, a successful career means getting signed to a great modeling agency. If you’re looking around for teen model agencies, stop. You start with a regular agency just like the big names you’ve heard of: Click Models, Ford Models, Elite Models, etc.

Modeling starts young. You may not get a lot of high paying jobs right away but these agencies want to get you signed while you’re still a younger teen model. They’ll help groom you by getting your book in order while showing you the ins and outs of the industry.

How does a teen model get with such an agency? Well first you have to be physically qualified and that means that you need to be on a growth path to be 5’9”, have a lean body, and equally important be extremely beautiful!

Then you need to show them what you look like. That doesn’t mean you need to go out and spend money on a modeling portfolio, you just need to show them exactly what you look like. Read our blog article on Model Polaroids, it will explain exactly how to do that.

If you get with the right agency you’ll likely get the option to go to New York part time (and maybe beyond) while you finish school, or perhaps even the option to work full time with provisions made for your education.

Teen Model | Testimonials

I did a Teen CAT-Shoot with Laurens Antoine and got my Polaroids and a few pictures for my modeling portfolio at the same time. My Mom and I took them up to an agency recoomended by Laurens in L.A. and I was signed on the spot! - Taylor Jones

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Teen Models careers and educational

Teen models must start young. Is that the truth? What about college? Read the full FAQs at Teens.

Teen model portfolios change regularly. It's important to keep your images fresh. Many teen models get tear sheets early and that's what works the best. Our downtown studio is a perfect place for teen models.

How tall do I have to be as a teen to model?

You have to be growing at a pace to reach 5'8". If you are young and still growing, and the agency forecasts you to grow to their minimum height, they may sign you (see more in Teen Models).

That's it. If you do not fall into one of these categories, it's pretty much absolute. You will need to consider another genre of modeling (See more in Get Signed). Your modeling portfolio is important but not if it doesn't suit what you are

Becoming a teen model help:

Read Get Facts: You'll be surprised how many myths and untruths there are in the teen model industry.


Teen models testimonial:

My teen modeling portfolio was clearly the best. All the other girls there were teen fashion models with Laurens's pictures in their modeling portfolios. I was lucky, mine were brand new from the new sets and just hearing how well they were received gave me extra confidence.

Working with Laurens is an incredible experience! I got my teen modeling portfolio done by Laurens and my career took off. Laurens is an awesome teen model photographer.


Teen modeling questions:

Why a teen modeling portfolio then? What do teen models have in common? Where do they get their modeling portfolios? Is there a difference for a teen modeling portfolio? How do I get signed to a modeling agency?


Teen fashion models:

Teen models are the staple of agencies like Click Models, Elite models, Next, IMG, and Ford.

Shooting with Laurens Antoine was such a great experience, all teen models should do it. I've booked numerous jobs since. I think the fallacy with a teen modeling portfolio is that ever teen model should have one, or is it true? Ask Laurens, you'll be surprised by his answer!

Read more at LaurensAntoine.com/models/teens. Our career page.

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