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Teen Models: Potential Pitfalls

Many parents think the main things to worry about for teen models are sexual exploitation, drugs, or worst. While none of these things should be ignored, there are other pitfalls that are more common.

Modeling can be very rewarding for many young teens but few ever reach their expected goals. However, the journey towards a career, even one that never blossoms has a different set of potential problems ahead.

The Internet has spawned dozens, if not hundreds of websites that teen models with the allure of getting started modeling. So what’s wrong with that?  

Where there are young attractive girls, there are many men. Are they all up to know good? No, but of course some are, yet that’s still not the most common problem for impressionable young teen models}.

The most common issue is that in their desire to meet young girls they setup a profile on one of these websites for “models” and offer them money to come to a photo-shoot. Anyone can imagine all the things that can go wrong} in such a scenario. But there are some you are probably overlooking.

Young ladies can be seduced by the easy money they make. It may not be much for an adult, but to a teen, making a couple hundred plus a day can be life changing. And that’s where the most common problem comes in.

Not many of these teens can easily look away from this new found income and start to believe they are on a path to a real career. After all, you always make more money as your career progresses right?

But it’s not a career. Or a profession, or even a job! It’s often just companionship or worst. It can, and often does distract these young girls from pursuing far smarter paths for their lives.

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