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Imagine being able to afford a celebrity magazine photographer for your personal portraits. Now, because of Thumbtack, can!

San Diego's highest rated studio now offers exclusive Thumbtack only pricing. We urge you to compare quality, expereince and products with other photographers and studios before choosing. Contact us and get your stunning portraits at unimaginable prices. Or call us at 858-413-7030. Be sure to mention Thumbtack!

Individual Portraits & Headshots

Portrait individual studio 3 tIndividual portraits in studio

With strong imagery, easy in and out studio, and many backgrounds to choose from: These stunning and high impact portraits are timeless and you won't believe how good you'll look.

In studio individual portraits start at $300. Thumbtack price: $225!

Portrait individual location 2 tIndividual portraits on location

Using a combination of natural light and high powered portable strobes we create portraits that can include the environment, or even scenery.

On location individual portraits sessions start at $400. Thumbtack price: $300!


Couples Portraits

Portrait couples studio tCouple portraits in studio

The privacy of the studio is ideal to be playful in. The mood is fun and energetic and beside your staple shot you can have some fun and charisma.

In studio couple shoots start at $450. Thumbtack price: $325!

Portrait couple playful 1 t Portrait couple playful 5 t Portrait couple playful 4 t Portrait couple playful 3 t Portrait couple playful 2 t


Group and Family Portraits

3O8E1358Group and family portraits

Group portraits can be challenging for many. Everyone has to have their eyes open and a great expression at the exact same time. We have tricks for this, and same for retouching groups.

Group portraits in studio start at $300. Thumtack price: $225!
On location starting at $400. Thumbtack price: $300!

 family1 family2  family3  family4 family5


Engagement Portraits

Portrait engagement location 3 tSingle scene engagement portraits

We don't shoot weddings, but we do create the best engagement portraits you can find. We offer both single scene portraits for those on a budget, as well as our signature engagement portrait sessions.

Single scene engagement portrait start at $500. Thumbtack price: $400!

Portrait engagement location 2 tSignature engagement portrait sessions

An engagement is a special thing that when documented well will be long remembered and shared.

We capture the essence of the couple in a way few photographers can. Wedding photographers shoot events. Portrait photographers shoot people, and that's what we do.

Our signature engagement sessions are full photo-shoots. We regard them at least as important as anything we shoot for magazines and the end product shows that.

Signature engagement sessions range from $950 - $2000. 50% off for Thumbtack!

Portrait engagement signature 1 t Portrait engagement signature 2 t Portrait engagement signature 3 t Portrait engagement signature 4 t Portrait engagement signature 5 t Portrait engagement signature 6 t Portrait engagement signature 7 t

Maternity Portraits

Portrait maternity 3 tIndividual maternity portraits

Maternity portraits are shot in studio. They can be individual or couple.

Many expectant Mom's will do various portraits and different stages of their pregnancy.

Individual maternity portraits start at $400. Thumbtack price: $300!

Portrait maternity couple tCouples maternity portraits

We love maternity images of couples. They not only capture an important moment, but they are great for children as they get older. This is a growing trend and one of the things we often hear is how many of our clients wish they had pictures like these of their parents' from before their own births. Individual shots can be taken at the same shoot.

Couple maternity portraits start at $500. Thumbtack price: $400!


Senior Portraits

Portrait senior studio 3 tSenior potraits that everyone loves!

High school seniors aren't the same as a generation ago. Fewer kids are getting senior portraits done and the reason is simple. They hate the old standard.

We shoot senior portraits differently. Our contemporary way of creating these images is far more attractive to kids, which means far better pictures of them.

You'll also love that prints are picked up from Costco with no markup!

In studio start at $300. Thumbtack price: $225
On location starting at $450. Thumbtack price: $350!

Portrait senior location t Portrait senior studio t Portrait senior studio 2 t

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