San Diego Headshots Ashley Hartman

Ashley Hartman

Actress (Fox, MTV)

San Diego Headshots Danny Devito

Danny Devito

Actor (Feature Films)

San Diego Headshots Corporate

San Diego's Leader in Corporate Headshots

Over 600 5 Star Reviews and Testimonials

San Diego Headshots Adrianna Costa

Adrianna Costa

Host, Steven Spielberg's "On the lot"

San Diego Headshots Chris Weidman

Chris Weidman

UFC World Champion

San Diego Headshots Atlantis

Atlantis Resort

Paradise Island, bs

San Diego Headshots Karina Shmirnoff

Karina Shmirnoff

Dancing With The Stars

San Diego Headshots Gary Plummer

Gary Plummer

Broadcaster, Super Bowl Winner

San Diego Headshots  Carlee Ranger

Carlee Ranger

Actress, Host

San Diego Headshots 12 pack

San Diego's Leader in Corporate Headshots

Over 600 5 Star Reviews and Testimonials

San Diego Headshots Will Mackenzie

Will McKenzie

PGA Golfer

San Diego Headshots Melora Hardin

Melora Hardin

Actor (The Office, Broadway)

San Diego Headshots Ashlan Gorse

Ashlan Gorse

E! Entertainment Host

San Diego Headshots Charlie Day

Charlie Day

Actor (Feature Films)

San Diego Headshots Dupe

San Diego's Leader in Corporate Headshots

Over 600 5 Star Reviews and Testimonials

San Diego Headshots Ceasers

Caesars Palace

Las Vegas, NV

San Diego Headshots Athena Barber

Athena Barber

Sports Illustrated

Affordable Photography San Diego

Hyatt Resorts

Hospitality Services

San Diego Headshots Dan Wierck

Dan Weirck


San Diego Headshots Camilla Cleese

Camilla Cleese

Actor, Comedian

San Diego Headshots In studio collage

San Diego's Leader in Corporate Headshots

Over 600 5 Star Reviews and Testimonials

San Diego headshots Eric Millegan

Eric Millegan

Actor (Bones)

San Diego Headshots Carmit Bachar

Carmit Bachar

Pussycat Dolls

San Diego Headshot Photography Pqpreserve

County of San Diego

Rancho Pennasquitos Preserve

 San Diego Headshots Sheraton

Sheraton Grande

Los Cabos, Mexico

 San Diego Headshots Monte Carlo

Minus Five Ice Bar

Monte Carlo, Monaco

San Diego Headshots Studio

Mandalay Bay

Las Vegas, NV

 San Diego Headshots Corporate collage

San Diego's Leader in Corporate Headshots

Over 600 5 Star Reviews and Testimonials

San Diego Headshots Chateau Avalon

Chateau Avalon

Kansas City, KS

San Diego Headshots Clevelander

The Clevelander

South Beach, Miami

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About San Diego Headshots and Laurens Antoine

Best known as an international celebrity magazine photographer and FHM Magazine’s Director of Photography, Laurens has 25 years of experience in photography, fashion, and creative services.

Today, San Diego Headshots is the region’s highest rated and leading headshot studio. Other emphasis’ include editorial work, as well as advertsing. Kiernan Szakos joined the team in 2017 to add her skills and experience in portraits, events and food.

The San Diego Headshots Team in San Diego

The Laurens Antoine San Diego Headshots crew is a diverse mix of over 20 professionals that includes designers, stylists, makeup artists, assistants, grips on top of the administration and customer service team . Some are full time, others part time, and some are contractors. All are highly skilled. Many of the crewmembers have graduate degrees, or are currently earning their advanced degrees. Others on the San Diego Headshots team have military and management experience that keeps the team organized during larger productions. Personnel changes are rare and the chemistry is commonly recognized and mentioned.

Our History and Emphasis

Entertainment and publishing: With an outstanding history of editorial work, mostly focused within the entertainment industry, we’ve shot at all the major film and television studios. With high demand, the original emphasis of celebrity and fashion pictorials broadened to include headshots for actors & personalities, and modeling portfolios. Comparatively, we can now count over 3000 actors and models photographed.

San Diego Headshots: In 2011, with 8 million miles logged traveling, Laurens decided to focus more in his hometown and built a state of the art San Diego headshot studio right in downtown San Diego. The client focus is corporations, professionals and their firms, and creative agencies. The photography focus is headshots, lifestyle imagery, and also food. The studio’s opening means that San Diego now has a local headshot photographer just as qualified as any other city.

Our Philosophy and the San Diego Headhsots Client Experience

We are more than art, we are highly engaged with our clients’ businesses and take exceptional pride in customer satisfaction. Moreover, our full service studio delivers on time, every time. If you invest a few moments to read our reviews, the overall client experience is by far the highest of all studios specializing in San Diego headshots.

The marketing plan is simple: Mix the highest quality photography and headshots with the best customer experience and the rest will take care of itself.

San Diego Headshots Reviews and Testimonials

Please browse our site where we post hundreds of testimonials from clients. Read our Google Reviews: We are the most reviewed and highest rated local photography studio!


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