Some restrictions may be relaxed when 100% of staff and clients in the studio are fully vaccinated. Any time either a client, or staff member has not had both vaccinations at least two weeks prior, all COVID procedures will remain in effect.

COVID-19 Safety Policy for Clients and Staff

We have instituted strict safety policies to provide an extremely safe environment at all shoots
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Section 1:  What We Ask of You, our Clients

Section 2:  Staff Guidelines to Protect All of Us

Section 3: Safety Enhancements

Section 4: Sanitizing and Cleaning Procedures

Section 5:  Step by step procedures for clients

Section 6:  Studio and Facilities Map


1. What We Ask of You, our Clients

Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes early. We have instituted a 30-minute break between appointments so that clients need not cross paths and to disinfect surfaces between clients, and avoid client to client contact. During this time, we ask that you do not bring a guest with you into the studio.

Please put your mask or other face covering on before entering the studio. You will be removing it only during your actual shoot at which time you will be 18 – 20 feet away from any other person.

Upon arrival please use the restroom in the entry area (map and legend on page 6) to wash your hands with soap and hot water for at least 20 seconds. The studio interior door will be open so you will not need to touch any surfaces after washing your hands.

Please use a paper towel when touching door handles or facets after washing your hands.

Please always remain 8 – 10 feet from other people in the studio. Obviously, no handshaking or hugging please.

We will not be accepting cash during this time. When you use your payment card, we will ask you to swipe it yourself while not touching the card reader. We will not be requiring signatures during this time.

Latex gloves will be provided upon request.

Other than when washing your hands when you come in there is no reason afterward for you to have to touch anything in the studio. If you follow these procedures it will be impossible to be in physical contact with anything infected. That, along with wearing a mask and remaining 8 – 10 feet from others in the studio makes in very safe for you, and us 😊

Obviously, if you have a fever, are otherwise symptomatic, or have been in contact with anyone symptomatic or that is suspected to have been in contact with an infected person, please reschedule your appointment.

2. Staff Guidelines to Protect All of Us

All team members may stay home for any reason, anytime. If you feel ill or in any way symptomatic, are worried you may have come into contact with someone infected, or even just hungover, please stay home. If it all possible, please get your shift or shoots covered.

If you miss work for the above reasons, you will still be paid for the day. We want to remove any motivation to come into work if not feeling well. If you are ill longer term, we will work it out with you.

Please wash and disinfect your hands before entering the studio and again between each client.

While clients have no reason to touch these surfaces, all used surfaces will be disinfected between each client. That includes cameras, computer keyboards/mice, card readers, payment station, and makeup counter.

Only staff necessary for each shoot will come into the studio at any given time. All admin and retouching work will be performed virtually. The studio will be limited to a maximum of three crew members at any time.

3. Studio Safety Enhancements

  • Installed 4500 CFM air exchange system to move all air towards ceiling/roof and to refresh air in gallery every 5 – 7 minutes.
  • Added 2 more 65” monitors for clients to be able to view and select images from a 10 foot distance.
  • Purchase and use of hospital grade Comet Disinfecting-Sanitizing solution for all hard surfaces in studio.
  • Upgraded daily janitorial service for rest room and common area cleaning and servicing.
  • Closed couch and fabric areas off to clients.
  • Eliminated self-service snack and beverage services for clients (still available upon request).

4. Sanitizing and Cleaning Procedures

Every day upon opening and closing:

  • Wash your hands immediately upon entering and leaving the building.
  • Wipe down all door handles to building entrance, studio entrance and bathroom doors.
  • Bathrooms themselves will be sanitized nightly by janitorial staff. When using bathroom, always wash hands and use hand towel to open door.
  • Spray down wardrobe racks.
  • Wipe down makeup counter and chairs (which should not be in use).
  • Wipe down coffee table and counter in lounge.
  • Take all trash out every day, double check upon opening it was done the day prior. Spray trash cans.
  • Wipe down standing camera and barrel of lens, all mice, monitor frames and buttons, desktops and chairs.

Between clients:

  • Spray down wardrobe racks.
  • Wipe down makeup counter and chairs (which should not be in use).
  • Wipe down standing camera and barrel of lens, all mice, monitor frames and buttons, desktops and chairs.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly in bathroom.
  • Please be diligent: If you see a client or anyone else touch anything outside of their personal work space, please disinfect it.

5. Client Procedures for Headshot Shoots

While these procedures are easy to follow, when in a foreign environment, or doing something out of the ordinary, we all tend to forget things. We do not want you to feel uncomfortable during your shoot so we will remind you of the procedures throughout your time in the studio.

The main things to always keep in mind:

  • Wash your hands upon arrival.
  • Always keep your face covered except when shooting (20 feet distancing during that time).
  • Do not touch anything. There is need except the bathroom door (with a fresh towel) after washing your hands.
  • Remain 8 – 10 feet away from anyone else.

The Shoot Procedure

  1. Please have a mask or other face covering on before entering the studio. If you do not have one, call us and we will provide you a new mask.
  2. You will enter the facility through the outside door. (A). First thing to do is wash your hands for at least 20 seconds in the bathroom (B). After washing your hands, please use the paper towel to open the door.
  3. You will then enter the studio entrance marked (C). There is a doorbell, please use your paper towel to press it. After, please walk in and announce yourself. This door will remain open so you need not touch anything.
  4. Immediately upon entering you will see wardrobe racks to your left to hang anything you may have brought. We strongly recommend only using your hangars. The sanitizing agents we use are hospital strength and make damage your clothing.
  5. Proceed to (E), you will see a wooden stool that will have been freshly sanitized for you. Avoid all fabric couches and other chairs as they are not able to be disinfected as thoroughly as the stool. We will then chat with you about the shoot (from 8 – 10 feet away).
  6. When ready to shoot, one of us will demonstrate how to stand, and afterward please remove your mask and stand at position (F). We will be at position (G), 15 – 18 feet from you.
  7. After we feel there are enough good shots to show you, go back to pick up your mask and after putting it on go to position H (there is a taped X on the floor) so we can show you the best photos for you to make your final selection(s) for retouching. You will be looking at the big screen monitor (Js) installed from the ceiling during this process, not the computer operator’s monitor.
  8. If there is time to retouch your headshot while you wait, we will ask you to go back to the stool at position (E) while we do it for you 😊

6. Studio Map












Studio Map Legend:

A: Facilities Entry Door
B: Bathroom Entrance
C: Studio Gallery Entrance
D: Wardrobe Racks (to hang your clothes)
E: Sanitized Stool (where to sit)
F: Headshot Shoot Position (where you stand for your headshot)
G: Camera & Data Desk (where we are during your shoot)
H: Observation Point (where you stand when selecting images)
J: Viewing Monitor