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Headshot photographer Laurens Antoine - Ashley Hartman

Ashley Hartman

Actress (Fox, MTV)

Headshot photographer Laurens Antoine - Danny Devito

Danny Devito

Actor (Feature Films)

Headshot photographer Laurens Antoine - Ashlan Gorse

Ashlan Gorse

E! Entertainment Host

Headshot photographer Laurens Antoine - Adrianna Costa

Adrianna Costa

Host, Steven Spielberg's "On the lot"

Headshot photographer Laurens Antoine - Collage

Corporate Headshots

Headshot photographer Laurens Antoine - Chris Weidman

Chris Weidman

UFC World Champion

Headshot photographer Laurens Antoine - Karina Shmirnoff

Karina Shmirnoff

Dancing With The Stars

Headshot photographer Laurens Antoine - Gary Plummer

Gary Plummer

Broadcaster, Super Bowl Winner

Headshot photographer Laurens Antoine - Carlee Ranger

Carlee Ranger

Actress, Host

Headshot photographer Laurens Antoine - Collage

Corporate Headshots

Headshot photographer Laurens Antoine - Will McKenzie

Will McKenzie

PGA Golfer

Headshot photographer Laurens Antoine - Melora Hardin

Melora Hardin

Actor (The Office, Broadway)

Headshot photographer Laurens Antoine - Athena Barber

Athena Barber

Sports Illustrated

Headshot photographer Laurens Antoine - Charlie Day

Charlie Day

Actor (Feature Films)

Headshot photographer Laurens Antoine - Collage

Corporate Headshots

Headshot photographer Laurens Antoine - Camilla Cleese

Camilla Cleese

Actor, Comedian

Headshot photographer Laurens Antoine - Eric Millegan

Eric Millegan

Actor (Bones)

Headshot photographer Laurens Antoine - Carmit Bachar

Carmit Bachar

Pussycat Dolls

Headshot photographer Laurens Antoine - Dan Weirck

Dan Weirck


Headshot photographer Laurens Antoine - Holly Huddleston

Holly Huddleston

Reality Star

Headshot photographer Laurens Antoine - Collage

Corporate Headshots

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We make it really easy, especially when not photogenic! No posing, you won't even be asked to smile.
Posing and smiling naturally is challenging, even for models. We’ve developed a near fool-proof method that works for almost anyone.

Most people describe it as having a conversation with a friend. And it works!

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We employ a number of methods to make you look your best. Look at the headshots on our website. Bet you notice the difference!
Lighting – Retouching – Composition…. There are many photography terms that go into a headshot, and we certainly know them well.

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Good or bad, your headshot sends a message. We make sure you are conveying what you want your audience to hear.

Trustworthiness, professionalism, and approachability are popularly used adjectives. But each headshot is crafted for your unique message.


A natural pose or smile is challenging for even seasoned models. So why does everyone look so comortable and confident in our headshots?

We’ve developed a simple method where you do practically nothing. It’s commonly related to as just talking to a friend.


Gone are the days of cloud patterns and background lighting effects. Even colored backgrounds are considered tired now.

We keep things clean and simple where the focus is on you. When people see your headshot they’ll know it’s recent, and appropriate for the time.


Bad lighting can make your face appear flat, and boring. Dynamic lighting brings out your best, while helping cover your worst features.

Our Modern Headshots benefit from up to 9 lights. Each light is modified to scuplt your face, and accent you best.


Layer Blending Technology retouching (LBT) was developed in NY for glossy magazines. It’s used on every Modern Headshot.

The process is unique as is preserves the real you, while diminishing things you really don’t want to advertise.


Think back to the last headshot you got. Did you have fun figuring out how to use it online, for social media, directories and the other uses you may have wanted?

Every Modern Headshot is delivered in 3 formats so you can readily use them as ndded. Even one ready for Linkedin.




Traditional Headshots are competitively priced with those you’ll find at the budget studios, without the budget photographer.

We’ll put these up against anyone else’s top headshot offering!


A headshot made expressly for social media. If you are just looking for a low resolution headshot for Linkedin etc., we offer a cost effecient, ready to upload solution for you.


In some applications you want a headshot that tells more of a story than just about you.

Our Executive Portraits can be shot almost anywhere.


Over 450 5 Star Reviews and Testimonials!

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Laurens responded right away and was sensitive to my time constraints. I had put off the shoot until my client was beginning to balk. I was nervous during...
James J.
James J.
14:31 16 Feb 19
Very prompt, professional and easy to work with. Convenient location as well. Quality was outstanding! Highly recommend to anyone.
Andrew Hoskins
Andrew Hoskins
18:01 15 Feb 19
It was so easy to deal with Laurens Antoine. I sent an email with a question and was answered the same day. I asked for their availability and was, again, replied to immediately. When we decided on a date and time, I was given an email with instructions. And then, after I paid the deposit, they sent me another email with a 4-page guide for the day of shoot, like how to choose clothes, location direction, parking, and what to expect. So, if you are new to this headshot thing, you will be guided well. When I got to the studio, the lights and camera were already set up. We chatted for a bit for them to get to know what the photos were for so he can adjust the shots accordingly. His directions were very clear and easy to follow. I felt relaxed working with them. They have a time efficient way of choosing the right photo. The proofs were sent via email in about an hour. I am satisfied with the back and forth correspondence. The photos I ordered came out really well. I am a happy customer. 😀
Bernadette Field
Bernadette Field
20:44 01 Feb 19
It was so easy to deal with Laurens Antoine. I sent an email with a question and was answered the same day. I asked for their availability and was, again,...
Bernadette P.
Bernadette P.
12:46 01 Feb 19
Laurens and his assistant Tori were fabulous to work with. They both brought a welcoming atmosphere that made me feel comfortable. Laurens is a true...
Cassandra B.
Cassandra B.
11:47 26 Jan 19
Had a great experience with Laurens Antoine photography in getting my headshot updated. Scheduling was prompt and they sent advance information about how to prepare. Location is convenient (East Village, easy on and off the 163 freeway). The actual shoot was relaxed but professional. Final photos were turned around same day and came out fantastic. You get what you pay for and I can highly recommend Laurens Antoine if you need a professional headshot.
Ronald Hawkins
Ronald Hawkins
18:10 24 Jan 19
Great, friendly and very professional photography studio. Took excellent headshots for our corporate website. An excellent experience all round.
Dan Gibbs
Dan Gibbs
03:19 08 Jan 19
Absolutely phenomenal service and product. My firm scheduled my shot for downtown San Diego and I work in Carlsbad. Laurens Antoine ended up going out of...
Ryan W.
Ryan W.
20:10 11 Dec 18
I had the absolute privilege of working with Laurens and his team this past week to shoot photos for my business launch. As someone who doesn't take photos for a living, Laurens made it incredibly easy and captured exactly what I was looking for. I will highly recommend him to all my clients going forward. You will not be disappointed!
Jessica Marx
Jessica Marx
16:36 01 Nov 18
Laurens is great to work with. He (and his assistant Tori) made it easy for me to relax and feel comfortable. They were extremely professional and down to earth at the same time. Working with them to get my corporate headshot was a great experience. The images are fabulous. Super thankful I found Laurens and he and his staff were able to schedule me so quickly. Thank you!
Vikki Dorsey
Vikki Dorsey
18:53 26 Oct 18
Laurens and his team are excellent! I was greeted timely, discussed photo usage, and moved right into the shoot. The photo shoot was fun, photos captured...
Becky W.
Becky W.
17:16 18 Oct 18
Laurens was outstanding from my first interaction with him via email. He was quick to respond and immediately went to work getting me scheduled right away. He even rescheduled me and helped me book hair and makeup right there at the studio. On the day of the shoot, I was warmly welcomed into the studio and truly enjoyed the company while Monica fixed me up for the shoot. I am a person who does not like having my picture taken but this group made it a fun and easy experience. Laurens and his assistant Tori didn't give up until we found something we liked. After the fact, his retouching is outstanding. He has a great eye for what looks best and takes his time to be sure you are happy with the final product. The result is a top quality photo.The price is a great value for the treatment and experience of the shoot. I would recommend this crew to anyone looking for a great head shot.
Will May
Will May
15:34 12 Oct 18
Laurens was outstanding from my first interaction with him via email. He was quick to respond and immediately went to work getting me scheduled right away....
Amy G.
Amy G.
08:31 12 Oct 18
Excellent photos.High quality and beautiful. I've tried several head shot photographers and I can honestly say that this is the first time I feel absolutely...
Emi C.
Emi C.
15:52 23 Aug 18


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