You may remember the casting we put out called “Paid gig ($15,000) for models with tear sheets”. We couldn’t say what is was for then, but we can now and Alexis Farmer is one of the stars along along with two of our other subscribing members: Aspen Widowson and Jassmine Amos.

Yep, $45,000 was paid out to three of our members, and there’s still $100,000 waiting for the named spokes-model! So what’s the show? And what who will the winner be presenting?

The show is called Model Employee. It’s a reality based docudrama that chooses a winner to become the spokes-model for MGM’s Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. Someone will be plastered all over Las Vegas on billboards, in ads and on posters, you’ll have to watch to find out who.

We enjoyed helping cast this show, but what we really liked were the results:

  • 3 of the 8 models on the show were member subscribers: That’s nearly 40%!
  • 19 members got on camera interviews. More than any agency or other source.

Alexis’ CAT-Shoot was in 2011. We loved the results, and Alexis, and have been following her since. Right now, she’s up for a FHM international print feature we hope to be able to show you soon.

Alexis isn’t just a model, but also a very talented singer and songwriter. We interviewed Alexis so you could hear more about the show directly from her:

Hi Alexis, what can you tell us about the show?

This show is about 8 accomplished models who are competing to be the spokes-model for Mandalay Bay. We were put through a series of dirty, rigorous jobs and competitions in hopes that we would gain a clear understanding of what the employees of Mandalay Bay go through on a day to day basis in order to keep a hotel successful and please the resort guests.

You mean like real hotel type jobs? Cleaning rooms, carrying bags, making food?

Well, I can’t be specific about it, but we definitely got our hands dirty. It was definitely a lot of hard work. I have a whole new respect for what goes on behind the scenes inside a big resort like Mandalay Bay, and real admiration for the employees that make it all happen for all their guests. Those are some tough jobs!!

Aside from all that dirty work, did you get to show off your skills as a model and ambassador?

I think I got that point across! (Smiles like a spokes-model when answering)

How long were you in Vegas for?

If all of us competing said how long we were there, you’d be able to figure out the order we went home. So let me say that everyone was there more than a few weeks. But you couldn’t have asked for a nicer place to be at.

That still must have had some drawbacks. Did it affect things back home?

There was some business missed, and auditions as well, but I can’t complain about that. After all, I was working a great gig. Being away from my 3 yr old daughter was the most mentally challenging and emotional part of it all. I’ve never been away from her for longer than a day or two, if that. She was the motivation behind it all though.

Did you get to go out while in Vegas or was it work, work, work?

Like any employee, we of course did get a day off and there were a few fun times on those days. But truthfully, I was wiped. It was really hard work. Not to mention, it was a treat to be able to just hang around and enjoy the gorgeous surroundings at Mandalay Bay. They really have the whole resortist thing down, I sure felt like one when I wasn’t working.

I know it’s not out yet, so the best is still to come. But, have you benefitted at all from doing the show yet?

Absolutely, yes! Being a singer in the music world has been an uphill battle, and because of the show, I have met and worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry. I can’t publicly disclose any names, but there are big things ahead!! Keep an ear out baby!

That’s really awesome. What’s more important to you, music or modeling?

I have been modeling most my life and I’ve done very well. Modeling has always payed the bills and allowed me to have a flexible schedule with school and being a single mother. However, music is where my heart is. I’ve been performing since I was 12. When I’m writing and performing a song, my mind goes into another realm and every stressor in my life disappears. It’s truly magical when an artist can put their life in words and turn that into a melody an audience can relate to.

Because we were involved with the casting, I’d love to get an opinion of how that went. You met with Pam Frazier who everyone always loves, tell us about the process?

That’s not surprising, I loved her too. I’ve been on a lot of castings and auditions, and that was my favorite by far. First, and thanks to you guys, I was treated like a VIP from the beginning and Pam made me feel so comfortable. She and I talked for a little while and then there was my on camera test. Being so comfortable made that go really well.

It took a while to hear back and I thought for sure I had been passed over. It was an exciting call when I found out I had been chosen! I have to add, I was shocked, it seemed like at least half the girls called in for auditions came from you guys. It was a sorority party all over again! haha

So, I have to ask: Will you be the next Mandalay Bay spoke-model?

Well I guess you’re going to have to tune in on May 8th to find out;) And believe me, you won’t want to miss this! xoxo

Model Employee, a Studio Lambert production produced by Madwood Media is currently set to start airing on VH! in early May 2013.  


Models: Alexis Farmer, Aspen Widowson, Britany Trankino, Jassmine Amos, Johanna Daru, Shannone Holt, Sonja Ewy and Shah Granville.

Judges: Vanessa Branch, former Orbit Gum spokes model, Patrick Miller, VP of Marketing at Mandalay Bay, and Jimmy Smith, CEO and Chief Creative Officer of Amusement Park Entertainment