So we finally got around to updating the makeup and wardrobe areas last week. It was downright embarrassing before, but not anymore!

We’re sporting a full shower, sitting area, racks on the walls with waterfalls and t-stands, and a bamboo floor in the bathroom. Not the Ritz Carlton yet, but we’ve been told we’d get 4 stars if it were a hotel.


We got some great tips from famed stylist and former decorator Tim Mckenna. How can we afford such expertise? Simple: Tim is married to our makeup artist, Monica Mckenna.

Tori took the lead buying the furniture, trimming and adding final touches. I guess it helped that the bar is in the same room. Ashley was the commentator telling Tori how crappy everything looked, Erica mediated while watching half a season of Pretty Little Liars in the lounge area (White Girls Problems, #BabeWalker). I was told all this since I haven’t remembered a thing that’s happened in the studio since we got our Patron sponsorship.

Next up – we’re going to fix up the loft.