Shooting younger teens is often challenging. Sometimes spoiled, often immature, and they almost always take some hand holding.

We recently had the pleasure of shooting 14 year old Paige Martin, the daughter of one of our favorite corporate clients, John Martin. Still in middle school her first time in, she’s rewritten the rules for our expectations at Teen CAT-Shoots. This girl’s going somewhere.

First impression from a distance is that’s she beautiful. When she starts talking you immediately recognize that’s she as smart as gorgeous. It doesn’t stop there though, the longer you work with her, the more impressed you become.

It’s not that younger teens don’t often come off well when you first meet them, in fact after shooting hundreds of them, they mostly do. But youth becomes apparent as the day goes by. Not with Paige, in fact she just kept blowing us away over and over. I can’t count the times I overheard the crew says “Can you believe she’s only 14?).

Natural talent, strong work ethic (actually strong ethics all together), practiced skills and pure smarts make a powerful combination. We shot Paige twice:

First Shoot, June 2014

Primarily focused on Polaroids for agencies, testing her skills and giving her time in front of the camera, we got exactly what was needed: Experience and something for her to submit to agencies. Job well done!

Second Shoot, September 2014 (pictured)

It’s time to see what Paige is really made of. We decided on an edgier shoot more like what you’d see in an American Apparel ad. Raw backgrounds, pushed ring light, very “editorial meets catalog”. We also mixed in some “Window lit New York loft” looks for her.

Paige has already started seeing agencies and to no surprise there’s a lot of interest. There’s also an offer for a summer gig in Asia with LRJ Management. Paige is weighing her options and they aren’t all exclusively modeling. She’s also a talented artist and has every intention of a college degree.