Behind the scenes: Megan Fox’s very successful PR campaign

When it was first discovered that Megan Fox was going to top the FHM Sexiest Woman in the World list, we hoped the story would have legs. Megan was gorgeous, really gorgeous! But not the super celebrity she has become. There's no question that being named the sexiest woman in the world by FHM helped propel [...]

Headshots: Portraits reflecting roles

Portraits reflecting roles Kaitlin Olson, Charlie Day, Rob McElhenney and Glenn Howerton are the main characters (along with Danny Devito) in the hit show Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Their portrait isn't about them, but the characters they play, moods they evoke, and how they interact. The location (a bar which is also the main scene [...]

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The Genres of Modeling

There are many genres of female models. Understanding where you fit can have a huge effect on your success. This post is a prelude to “Positioning: Why so many gorgeous models don't reach their potential". We'll explain the difference, and many of the qualifications needed for: Fashion models Commercial models And other popular genres including [...]

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Behind the scenes: FHM Digital Darlings at the Atlantis Resort

Celebrity shoots commonly cost $50,000 to produce. Here's a look at a shoot that's not just bigger, longer and more expensive, but also a whole lot more fun. 20 models, 4 days, all on Paradise Island. ------ I went through old call sheets to find a shoot to open this section of our blog and came [...]

Dawn Olivieri: House of Lies, Vampire Diaries and more

You've seen Dawn in Heros, Vampire Diaries and now House of Lies, but have you really seen Dawn? Dawn came down to San Diego for her planned on location FHM shoot, but the scene was outdoors and it was raining. That doesn't hapen often in San Diego and there was no contingency plan. Where do you [...]

VICE Special Report: Killing Cancer to air February 27th on HBO

We had the great honor of shooting Dr. Frank Tufaro of DNAtrix for an upcoming documentary premiering February 27th on HBO. Vice, an Emmy winning series officially starts its third season on March 6th but is leading with this all important edition a week early. You won't want to miss this, trust me!     [...]

The truth about pictures for getting signed

A common misconception among models is that you need a big book (or modeling portfolio) to get signed. Who promotes this notion? Photographers that want to make money of course. The truth is that if you are qualified, pictures aren't necessary to get signed to a fashion agency. It's different for commercial agencies, but even [...]

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How to Take Your Own Modeling “Polaroids”

"Polaroid" may be a dated camera, but the word is commonly used for test shots by photographers (roids), and within agencies when describing un-retouched, non-professional images of talent used to depict their real selves. These are the most important shots you can take when trying to get signed as a fashion model. We take them at [...]

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Brooke Mangum gets role in Summer Camp, is hosting a morning show, has upcoming appearances on Extra, The Today Show…….

You may remember Brooke from some of her previous accomplishments we’ve crowed about. Now, one of our favorite models from our CAT-Shoots has landed a slew of new roles including hosting her own morning show on FOX in Salt Lake City, and as one of the stars of USA Network’s new reality series, Summer Camp, premiering [...]

A new way to display headshots with our friends from Fluxx San Diego

We just shot our friends at Fluxx; you know the seriously fun but not so serious nightclub we love to get so stupid at every chance we get. They were celebrating their fourth in a row "Best Nightclub in San Diego" honors and things got a little silly. Shot midday so there was no alcohol [...]